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Grain & Growing Supplies

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Once you have your wheatgrass kit or you're already underway with growing your own fresh wheatgrass, you can top up with these supplies.

If you are buying a wheatgrass growing kit, another good option is to select your kit and grab some extras with the one purchase. All of these supplies here are available individually and in quantity if required.

Available here: seedling and solid-based drip trays, wheat grain (wheat berries, wheat seed, whichever you prefer), organic fertiliser, paper tray liners and sprout bags.

To save on postage and time, a great idea is to order additional supplies with your kit so you never run out!

Get on the Grass...!

* Please Note that Sprout does not supply freshly-grown wheatgrass in any quantity. The Wheat Grain cannot be sent to customers in Western Australia.

If you need any assistance or advice, please call 1300 793070