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Grain-Free Wheatgrass Growing Kit


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Perfect for WA Customers

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The Grain-Free Kit does not contain any wheatgrain and was put together with customers from Western Australia in mind. Due to WA's Quarantine Laws, Sprout is unable to send over seeds or grains of any kind but these kits provide all the components required to grow your own. All you need to do is source your own wheatgrain locally.

Of course, customers from any other Australian State are welcome to order the Grain-Free kits as well.

This Kit Includes:

2 Solid base Drip Trays

6 Food-grade plastic Seedling Trays

500ml Bottle Organic Liquid Fertilizer 

A Sprouting Bag 

Pack of 40 bleach-free paper tray liners

Growing Guide & Instructions

Flat Rate Delivery Australia Wide

Please note: the jar in the image has been replaced by the Sprout Bag. If you prefer to use a jar, then any jar from home will do fine. Just put a piece of old stocking or cloth over the top to help with draining out the water.


1 x 500ml Bottle of Organic Fertiliser

Sprout's Liquid Seaweed is a specially formulated fertiliser for use on wheatgrass and vegetables.

It contains seaweed extract made from freshly collected storm cast Australian Bull Kelp, blended with a range of macronutrients and trace elements that help to produce healthy growth.

2 x Plastic Drip Trays

Wheatgrass looks great. Keep your wheatgrass in a naturally well lit place inside on the table using the drip trays.

The drip trays have no drainage holes and are perfectly sized for sitting the seedling trays in. The drip trays also hold water so that you don't need to water as regularly. This not only helps conserve water, but if you're heading away for a few days, you atleast know that your wheatgrass is getting some moisture during your absence.

There's 2 drip trays included in the ultimate growing kits because you will generally have more than one tray growing at a time to ensure a continuous supply of wheatgrass. Like everything in the kit, more Drip Trays can be purchased separately if required.

6 x Food-grade Plastic Seedling Trays

Most wheatgrass and seedling growers use non-food grade plastic seedling trays which has the potential to release chemical substances that contains toxins into the potting mix or soil.

For this reason we have sourced food-grade, non toxic, quality plastic seedling trays for growing our wheatgrass.

Tray Dimensions: 28cm wide x 32cm long x 6cm high

1 x Sprouting Bag

These bags are ideal for getting your wheatgrass started. Use the Sprout Bag to start the growing process by germinating your wheatgrass.

It is made of 100% hemp & flax which has antibacterial qualities and is strong and renewable.

The Sprout Bag is also excellent for sprouting all types of seeds including Alfalfa, Mung Beans, Lentils, Broccoli seeds, Radish seeds just to name a few.

Pack of 40 sheets of Bleach-free paper tray liners

Enough bleach-free paper is supplied in the kits to line 40 seedling trays. The paper is cut to perfectly fit the seedling trays.

Beware of advice to line trays with newspaper or butchers paper as this can leech bleach and ink into your potting mix which is then taken up by the roots.

Wheatgrass growing guide

A step by step instructions guiding you to successfully grow healthy, organic wheatgrass at home or in your own backyard. The guide includes tips for growing, troubleshooting and how to harvest your wheatgrass.

There are also a number of articles and guides on Sprout's website should you wish to chase any further information or get stuck on a question. The kit's guide and included book does certainly provide you with some really valuable knowledge to get started!

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