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Dr.Wheatgrass Supershots - 150ml


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Super Healthy, Super Convenient, Super Economical!

Bursting! with concentrated natural antioxidants - 25% more than fresh wheatgrass juice!

All natural and glucose-free! No artificial flavouring. All natural ingredients.

Economical! - less than HALF THE PRICE of fresh wheatgrass juice - under a dollar a day - and you get a whole month's supply in one bottle!
Convenient! - have your wheatgrass shot anywhere, any time!
Clean & Pure! - Supershots are produced under strictly controlled, sterile conditions.
Easy! - ideal for travellers, shiftworkers, mums, kids, the elderly - and anyone who wants maximum benefit with maximum convenience!
Tasty!  - just a hint of natural, fresh wheatgrass. Even kids love it.
Longlife! - Supershots remain active up to 2 years after opening!
Natural! - extracted from fresh, organically grown wheatgrass sprouts
Gluten free!
Safe! - for children, the elderly and infirm, during pregnancy, breastfeeding and if trying to conceive.
Quality! - Supershots are quality controlled by state-of-the-art human genome technology

Dr Wheatgrass® Super-Shots organically grown wheatgrass sprouts are juiced at their peak of biological activity and nutritional value. They contain the Grass Juice Factor which is essential for maintaining strong, healthy cells and tissues. There are also naturally occurring antioxidants, vitamins, bioflavonoids, amino acids and minerals vital to the maintenance of good health and wellbeing.


Triticum vulgare/aestivum (wheat) sprout extract
Purified water
Fructose, glycerol
Citrozine® bitter orange preservative.

Gluten free.


Adults - 5mls per day (1 capful)
Children under 12, 2.5mls per day (1/2 capful)

Note: For maximum benefit, hold the Supershot in your mouth for a couple of  minutes before swallowing.

The secret to taking wheatgrass

There is no doubt that wheatgrass contains numerous important health-giving bioactives. Clinical observation shows how rapidly many of them are absorbed through the skin and the mucous membrane covering the oral cavity.

One example of the latter is the "rush" many experience only a few seconds after swallowing fresh wheatgrass juice or the Supershots. This suggests instantaneous absorption directly from the mouth to the brain via the blood circulation i.e. the sublingual route.

Herein lies the secret of taking wheatgrass in any form - tablets or powder mixed with water, fresh juice or Supershots. That is, hold the liquid in your mouth for two or three minutes if possible before swallowing. This will enable much greater absorption of the bioactives compared with simply tossing it down your throat. If you do that, much of the goodness will be destroyed by stomach acid.

For many, including myself, the taste and smell of fresh wheatgrass juice is sufficient a deterrent to continue taking it. Also, the antioxidant concentration in fresh juice is about 25% lower than in the extract we use to make our Supershots, which are also very easy on the palate. Wheatgrass powder and tablets contain even lower amounts.

Whatever form of wheatgrass you take, it will almost certainly help your general health and wellbeing in time.

Dr. Chris Reynolds. M.B.,B.S.

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