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Using the Sprout Bag with Your Wheatgrass Kit

If you have purchased a wheatgrass growing kit from Sprout you may have noticed that the instruction guide shows you how to sprout your grain with the use of a jar but with the kit comes a sprout bag.

The fundamentals are essentially the same.

1. Soak the seed overnight in room temperature water. One cup is enough to cover one seedling tray.

2. Poor the grain directly from the jar into the sprout bag. You don't need to pre-drain the water before transferring as the water will drain through the bag. This is what is designed for. Make sure you do the transfer outside or over the sink.

3. Loosely tie the sprout bag up and place in a location where the last bit of water can drain off but also where the bag is out of the way and easy to access.

4. To keep the grain moist, simply dip the whole bag into a container of water or hold under a running tap. You can use you hands to loosen up the grain a bit if you find that it has become a bit clumpy. Again, place the bag in a location where the excess water can continue to drain off and not make a mess. The bag really only needs to be dipped once or twice a day. You can dip it more times than that if you live in a particularly dry location or the weather is hot. There's no need to over water the grain.

5. Keep an eye on the grain. It will start to grow small white "tails". When the tails are noticeable, the entire contents can be transferred onto your prepared seedling tray. This is all explained in the guide.

Overall, the sprout bag is easy to use and very convenient. You can find more information on the bags here.

Of course, you can still use a jar should you choose to or you have plenty of trays on the grow! The Biosnacky Glass Sprouter is available and is ideal for growing a wide range of sprouts.

If you want further information on growing wheatgrass or its benefits, you may like to have a look at these books here: 

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