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Easy Green (MikroFarm™)

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  1. Easygreen Auto Sprouter
  2. Easygreen Cartridges Pack 5 (Seeds separately)
  3. Automatic Water Filling System - Easygreen

    Automatic Water Filling System - Easygreen

    D.I.Y Kit for automatically topping up water

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  4. Replacement Plug Set - Easygreen

    Replacement Plug Set - Easygreen

    Plugs, tubing and plug inlet

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  5. Easygreen Junior Cartridges Pack 10 (Seeds separate)
  6. Easygreen Large Trays Pack 3 (Seeds Separate)
  7. Easygreen Mister Air Filters - Pack 3
  8. Easygreen Activation Timer

    Easygreen Activation Timer

    Replacement Part

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  9. Replacement Sliding Door Easygreen
  10. Accessories Kit - Easygreen

10 Item(s)

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Unfortunately, the Easygreen Sprouter unit has been discontinued here in Australia but you may be able to find it specifically for our market on the Easygreen website. Just google "Easygreen Factory". Make sure you get a 220-240V unit.

I do have some spare parts available.

If you need any assistance or advice, please call 1300 793070