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Omega 8227 (Silver) Cold Press Juicer

Omega 8227 (Silver) Cold Press Juicer

Product Review (submitted on 30 September 2017):
I am very satisfied with my Omega 8227 Silver cold press juicer I purchased two months ago. I was looking for a similar juicer to the one I had in California (an older model Omega), but all I could find in Australia were very expensive vertical juices. I don’t understand what the value is in purchasing those – maybe they are better, but I am quite happy with spending half the price.
This newer model has a less sturdy body structure and a more plastic feel to it. However, the chute is a little wider and I am definitely getting more juice out of it. I also appreciate the addition of a nozzle that allows you to adjust the pressure for different kinds of produce. I usually start off at a higher pressure and do lemons and greens for instance, then lessen the pressure for veggies such as carrots and beets. The instruction booklet explains how to use this simple adjustment.
The screen filter is slightly more time-consuming to clean thoroughly, but I think that’s the trade-off for getting the most juice. If good quality juice is what you’re after, then I totally recommend this unit. I got it in a silver color, as apparently the chrome version shows fingerprints more easily. I don’t find the silver attractive, but I don’t have the unit sitting up on the countertop so it doesn’t really matter. 4 ½ stars out of five. Service from Nathan was personalized and excellent.
Please make the most of your juicer by adding the pulp residue to a compost system. Alternatively, some people like to make food with the scraps, but I haven’t tried that yet!