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Omega VSJ843RS Low Speed Vert Juicer (NZ)


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Order your juicer from Sprout and receive access to numerous juicing eBooks to help get you started. The download link is provided on order. Omega - fast becoming Australia's favorite juicer. Make one yours today. Price in AUD and includes shipping to NZ.

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The VSJ843 is the latest generation of vertical juicer from the incomparable Omega brand. VSJ stands for "Vertical Slow Juicer" and this is what it really focuses on - effective juicing of a wide range of produce. It really is the most up-to-date vertical juicing system which allows you to be as creative as you want, with the ingredients you choose.

Omega has been successfully operating in the discerning US market for decades and has positioned themselves as the go-to brand for cold press juicers, blenders and their complete Nutrition Centres. You just have to read the reviews on US-based websites to see that they are well regarded. 

Please note: the price for this juicer is in AUD and includes shipping. It does not include any duties or taxes that may be imposed by the NZ authorities on arrival. Those fees are the customer's responsibility. The juicer will be sent via International Express with tracking enabled and signature required on delivery. Your order is safe and secure.

Arrow Explanation of Model Numbers: the VSJ843RS has the same model number worldwide. The juicer you purchase from Sprout will have an Aussie/NZ plug at the end of the cord and will be suited to our 220/240V power. "VSJ" stands for Vertical Slow Juicer, "R" stands for Round and the final letter denotes the colour/finish - ie. "S" for Silver. Do not get sucked in to buying a 110V anything from overseas sites - they will not cope with the 240V. You will see VSJ843Q models overseas. The "Q" stands for Cubed and this style is not available in Australia/NZ. Silver is also the only colour available at this stage.

Arrow Exceptionally quiet in operation, the Omega VSJ843RS will help you attain that healthy diet you have been looking for. Manufactured in South Korea, the Omega range has been available in the US only - until now. With the Americans being a particularly fussy market, the Omega juicers have been designed with robust parts, a strong motor and with minimum-fuss in mind. You won't be disappointed with your selection of an Omega.

Arrow VSJ843RS compared to the VERT352, 372, 382, 402: the auger on the VSJ operates at 43RPM - much slower than the previous VERTs (approx 70-80RPM). This helps reduce the level of froth that can be generated.The auger also has twin fins at the top which cuts down the produce that you have already prepared just that little bit extra before dropping in to the juicing drum - combined with the slightly tighter fit of the auger, the produce is cut down and squeezed even further than previous models. You will find the juice smoother and more nutrient-dense.

Should any part or parts of the Omega NC902HDC Nutrition Center Juicer become defective during the first 10 full years or the motor during the first 20 full years, the Australian Distributor (located in QLD) will repair or replace the defective part/parts or motor at the manufacturer’s option free of charge.

The Omega brand has been trusted by American customers for decades. Now available in Australia and New Zealand. All Omega Juicers are 100% BPA-Free.

 Omega VSJ843 Quality

The new generation Omega VSJ 843 Slow Juicer takes the title as the best performing Low Speed Masticating Juicer in our range. Less pulp, more juice, simpler design. Vertical slow juicers are now one of the most popular types of masticating juicer on the market because of their happy balance between ease of use and excellent results from the widest variety of juicing ingredients. Being able to juice everything well, from the toughest wheatgrass 

through to the softest berries, means that vertical slow juicers are generally accepted as the best all rounders. With the new Omega Vert VSJ series there are further improvements that propel this model to the premium slot in our range.

Arrow Specifications & Features:

Weight: 5.2kg

Finish: Satin Silver

Speed: 43RPM

Motor: 1/5HP Condensed Motor

Wattage: 250W

Dimensions: 178mm W x 216mm D x 394mm H

Warranty: 20 Years Motor and 10 Years Parts

Made in South Korea

New lower speed of 43rpm
No loss of time because the auger now takes two 'bites' per revolution instead of one 
Dual Edge Technology Auger drives the wiper blades without the need for gears 
The least pulp present in the juice of ALL our slow juicer models! 
The highest juice yield of ALL our slow juicer models! 
Twice the crushing force of some competing slow juicers 
Juice tap for mixing and for fast clean up when filled with water after juicing 
20 Year Manufacturers warranty on Motor, 10 Years on Parts
Australian Distributor (QLD)

Arrow Summary & Comments:

The new VSJ843RS operates at a super low speed of 43RPM! This machine has a powerful 150 watt motor that works with the reduction gears to produce twice the crushing force of most low speed, vertical juicers. 

The new dual edge auger and tighter squeeze tolerance, crushes and squeezes produce quickly, breaking down fibre to a palatable level. This yields a greater amount of juice in your glass and a smoother, nutrient-rich juice.

Dual Edge Technology squeezes more juice at a much quicker rate than the average low speed juicer. Lower speed reduces oxidation, which destroys the very nutrients you expect to extract from juicing. Juice stays fresher, longer.

Make fruit juice, vegetable juice, superfood green juice, nut milks, frozen fruit sorbets and smoothies with this new motor rotating at 43 revolutions per minute (RPM), approximately 50% the speed of the original vertical masticating (low speed) juicers.

This gentle squeezing action keeps healthy enzymes intact; reduces heat build-up, delays the oxidation process, and increasing the juice's shelf life.

Squeeze juice from fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, wheatgrass and make nut milks with an automatic pulp ejection, so you can juice continuously.

The auto-cleaning system keeps the screen clear, increasing the machine's efficiency. After you are finished juicing, the auto-cleaning system minimises the clean-up process as there is less waste remaining within the drum area. Before you dismantle it, you can also run a couple of cups of cold water through while it is still operating. This helps flush the waste out of the drum.

The VSJ benefits from the heavy duty juicing screen as it is designed to break down the pulp in to an even finer consistency than previous vertical models. This enables the pulp to be removed from the machine more efficiently and reduces the probability of it ending up in your juice.

The vertical design is compact, contemporary and productive. With the Omega VSJ843RS, form and function combine to give you the highest degree of extraction and the healthiest possible juice. The VSJ843RS Juicer is the newest, lowest speed vertical masticating juicer in Omega's offering. The 'R' stands for 'Round' as there is a squarer (cubed) version of this model known as the VSJ843Q. The 'S' stands for 'Silver' and this is the only colour available in Australia/NZ at this stage.

Arrow Sprout's Opinion

The Omega brand have started to develop smarter machines for juicing. I think they are one of the only companies that put some thorough thought in to research and development based on experience from previous models. The removal of the drive cog on the base of the drum is a plus. This tiny, hardworking part tended to require replacement in the Hurom and Oscar models as well as earlier models of the Omega vertical type machines. The wiping blades are now driven by the auger. Smart design. The auger - which is the fat, black part doing most of the work - now has two fins on the top which greet the food and chop them in to smaller pieces before it enters the drum. Another good design.

I am impressed with the Omega machines and the Australian Distributor is great to deal with and proud of their association with the brand. If you are looking for a high quality investment and a juicer which will provide years of service, then I highly recommend the Omega range and in the vertical style machines, the VSJ843 is an outstanding option.

Arrow Why Buy Your Omega From Sprout?

Free Delivery on this juicer - sent International Express to NZ & direct to your home, office, PO Box or local post office.

Price Match Service (Australian Sellers Only) - click the price match image above. Keep in mind that newcomers to online selling think that the best way they can sell to you is knock a few bucks off prices listed by established businesses. Please consider experience, parts, advice and post-sales service in your decision. Sprout has been selling cold press juicers since 2005 - you don't last that long if you're doing it wrong.

Product Advice Available via Email - helping you make the right decision.

Australian Service Centre located in Queensland. While warranty issues are extremely rare for the Omega range, claims are processed quickly and simply.

Parts & Accessories Available - a reputable business should have parts available for your machine. You can find spare parts here at Sprout. 

Arrow Customer Reviews & Quotes

"I was almost going to get a Hurom juicer after nailing down to Hurom and Kuvings, but surprisingly ended up with this after seeing video reviews by John of Discount Juicers. Pretty extensive reviews. At this level of price, there are several good juicers and none would be a poor choice. However, to me, the ease of cleaning of this juicer which John showed me on his video was attractive. And yes, it was true. It is fairly easy to clean. One thing you would need to remember is to make sure to put the small black plug @ the bottom of the clear plastic cylinder into the place before you make juice. It controls the machine to spit out pulp properly. Happy juicing!" - Masako US Amazon

I have been juicing for years and finally upgraded my juicer. I love the Omega VSJ843RS! I had no idea cleaning a juicer could be this easy! The deigns is clean and simple. Just my style! And the left over compost is packed so tightly you know you're getting your moneys worth. I Would recommend this model to anyone juicing weekly. Especially daily." - Vilma

"It is an excellent Juicer. It is superior to the earlier versions. and best among the different juicers I have used. Perfect for juicing ginger, grass and green leafy vegetables (very high yield). For beets and carrots the yield is not very high, and one has to cut them into smaller pieces otherwise it stops and you have to run the machine for few seconds in reverse. Cleaning is bit more challenging. Overall it is excellent- The juice is very tasty." - Amazon Fan

"I did extensive research before purchasing this juicer. I'm new to juicing, and this machine has worked perfectly so far. It's quiet and produces virtually pulp free juice. I encourage anyone having trouble to watch discountjuicers videos on you tube. He explains that anything fibrous needs to be cut into very small pieces. Carrots need to be sliced length wise if they are very large. People with leaking issues need to slowly feed the machine and let it pull down the produce. Forcing large amounts through will cause leaking. I'm hoping to see improved health and energy. This is a delicious way to get there!". - boyandgirl

What They're Saying on Youtube

Differences between the VSJ843 Q and R Models.

Vital Stats and Warranty

Juicer Type

Masticating/Cold Press Juicer




43 RPM Operation for Optimal Efficiency


1/5 HP Condensed Motor




178mm W x 216mm D x 394mm H


150 Watts


  • Low speed 43RPM squeezing juicer system.
  • New dual-edge auger strains more juice and breaks down fibre to a palatable level for a smoother, nutrient-dense juice.
  • Squeeze juice from fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, even wheatgrass.
  • Make nut milks, frozen fruit sorbets and smoothies.
  • Automatic pulp ejection, so you can juice continuously.
  • The auto-cleaning system keeps the screen clear, increasing the machines efficiency.
  • The vertical design is compact, contemporary and productive.


Exclusive Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) Household Approval


10 Years Parts/20 Years Motor

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