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Omega VERT VRT352 HD Cold-Press Juicer


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Australia's No.1 Omega Seller

Red model due back in September 2017

The VERT (Vertical) range of juicers represents the quality machines coming out of the incomparable Omega brand. HD stands for "Heavy Duty" so you can rest assured that your new juicer is made from quality, well-manufactured parts suited to the rigours of juicing. Omega's emphasis on the strength of materials used in their machines shines through in the low need for warranty replacements compared to other brands. The Omega VRT352HD will allow you to be as creative as you want, with the ingredients that you choose.

Omega has been successfully operating in the discerning US market for decades and has positioned themselves as the go-to brand for cold press juicers, blenders and their complete Nutrition Centres. You just have to read the reviews on US-based websites to see that they are well regarded.

Explanation of Model Numbers: the VRT352 is identical to the US version VRT350. The number '2' distinguishes the fact that the machine has an Aussie plug at the end of the cord and is suited to our 220/240V power. This is the only difference. "HD" stands for Heavy Duty and the final letter denotes the colour/finish - ie. "R" for Red and "S" for Silver. Do not get sucked in to buying a 110V anything from overseas sites - they will not cope with the 240V.

Exceptionally quiet in operation, the Omega VRT352 will help you attain that healthy diet you have been looking for. Manufactured in South Korea, the Omega range has been available in the US only - until now. With the Americans being a particularly fussy market, the Omega juicers have been designed with robust parts, a strong motor and with minimum-fuss in mind. You won't be disappointed with your selection of an Omega.

The Omega VERT VRT352 HD is a revolutionary juicer that features the high efficiency we have come to expect from masticating/cold-press juicers in this style of sleek, vertical design. The Omega VRT352 can juice all your fruits, vegies and leafy greens, producing a high yield of fresh, living juice with very little foaming and froth. All Omega Juicers are 100% BPA-Free.

The Omega VRT352 is quick, easy to use, incredibly easy to clean – I'm talking a maximum 45-60 seconds under a running tap and it comes with a sturdy little brush suited for the job – and the preparation time is nice and quick as well. Because it has a nice big feeding chute at the top – it's a kidney bean shape approx. 5.7cm x 3.3cm – the need to chop your ingredients up too small has gone. Thanks also to its upright design and with a bit of assistance from gravity, there is also very little need to use any downward force with the food pusher. The food tends to just drop down into the juicing drum each time the auger revolves.

If you are a bit time poor or need to get things done quickly, the Omega VRT352 Juicer is absolutely ideal for you. It ticks all those boxes and is actually enjoyable to use. If you are worried about spending a bit of money on a juicer and thinking it will just spend more time in the cupboard than being used, you can forget that with this machine. Not only do they look good in the kitchen and can stay out on your bench, they are also extremely easy to use and clean. This makes it an enjoyable task rather than a chore and once they're shown how, everyone in the family can use it when desired. Great for getting growing teenagers into healthy and nutritional habits. If you juice for yourself, preparing a few litres in one sitting is quick and easy and you have fresh juice available from the fridge as it will stay fresh for around 48 hours.

Should any part or parts of the Omega Vert VRT352HDS Juicer become defective during the first 10 full years or the motor during the first 20 full years, the distributor will repair or replace the defective part/parts or motor at the manufacture’s option free of charge.

You can find some great information and tips for the Omega VRT352 Juicer right here! (it is for the Hurom 400 but principles are the same)

Omega Quality Parts

Specifications & Features:

Speed: 80RPM

Motor: 1/5HP Condensed Motor

Weight: 10kg

Dimensions: 178mm W x 216mm D x 394mm H

Wattage: 150W

Warranty: 10 Years Parts and 20 Years Motor

Made in South Korea

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Customer Reviews & Quotes

"I love this juicer. It's the best. It juices celery, whole carrots and greens very well. Every now and then it does clog but it has a reverse button to unclog. Easy to clean, easy to use." - Aura

"I'm fortunate enough to have access to large amounts of home grown apples, pears, peaches and plums in the late summer. I was looking for something that was easy to use, did a good job juicing, was easy to clean and stored for the other nine months of the year in a fairly compact space. This juicer was great on all points." - Breakaway Farmer

"I am anxiously waiting after i ordered this juicer. I had done my research & hopeful that i did the right thing. Today, i got it and tried juicing & OMG i cant believe it!! I almost cried because I had to wait a long time to afford this item & my juicing experience is just amazing. The pulp is so dry versus the ones from regular or fast juicer. I love to stay healthy & i always feel bad everytime i juice from fast juicer because the pulp is too wet, i feel like i wasted the fruits/vegetables & money. Right now im so happy! This is worth all the money i spent! I am hoping that this will last longer ! Whoever design or invented this juicer is a genius! thank you very much! Also, the manufacturer & sellers kudos to your quality control! I hope youll continue to make your customers happy! You are the best ever!! - Amazon US Customer

"Wanted a juicer that could handle greens, veggies, and fruits. This little dynamo is a workhorse and easy to clean. It gets a daily workout and delivers what is promised. Little appreciable noise and that was a surprise. Recommend to those who want a juicer that can handle an equal mix of greens including wheat grass (but they should be chopped)." - Amazon US Customer

What  they're  saying  on  Youtube...

Vital  Stats  &  Warranty

Manufactured in South Korea and imported directly from the USA, the Omega family of juicers has developed a solid reputation for being a leader in the design and manufacture of some of the best quality cold-press juicers on the market. They have been exceptionally popular in the USA for quite some time now.

The Omega VERT VRT352 Juicer is supported by a strong domestic warranty - 20 Years Motor and 10 Years on parts. All warranty issues are all looked after by the Australian warranty provider located in Northern QLD. Replacement parts are shipped to you and there is no need to send the machine overseas should you encounter any problems.

Weight: 9.1kg

Dimension: Footprint is 178mm (7.0") Wide x 216mm (8.5") Deep; Collection Jugs 120mm (4.7") x 90mm (3.5"), Operational Height 394mm (15.5")

Voltage / Frequency / Usage: 240V / 50-60Hz / 250W power (suitable for Australian Use and comes with an Australian plug). Uses a 250V 5A Fuse and a Single Phase Induction electric motor with a rated usage of 30 minutes followed by 15-20 minutes break (30 minutes will produce a large amount of juice and personally, I've never juiced for more than 15-20 minutes in a sitting.)

Auger RPM: Approximately 80 RPM

Included in Box: Ultem Auger, Ultem Juicing Screen, 2 Collection Jugs; Cleaning Brush, Food Pusher - everything you need to start juicing immediately!

Benefits   &  Quality  Features

Juices wheatgrass, fruits, vegies and leafy greens - everything from carrots, beetroot, apples, oranges, cabbage, kale and beyond. 


The powerful juicing action of the Omega VERT VRT352 Juicer provides a very high yield of living juice, making it the #1 choice for those producing larger quantities of cold-pressed juice.


Cold press juice extractor retaining a very high level of nutrients and enzymes.  


Designed for heavy duty juicing, the Omega VERT VRT352 Juicer is built from high quality and strong materials (a vast improvement on previous models of the Omega/Oscar/Hurom - in particular, the juicing screen is now made from the Ultem Polymer which is also used in aeronautics due to its strength)


With fewer moving parts, clean up is fast and easy and the Omega VERT VRT352 Juicer is strong enough to stand up to the heaviest use and is also safe for all the family to use. Due to its magnetic safety system, the motor will not operate unless it is assembled correctly and safely. Rinsing during juicing and in between different types of foods is easy to do - just pour a cup or two of water through to flush it out and continue on!


Quiet operation - ideal for busy outlets wanting to maintain a pleasant ambience for their customers or those who like it quiet at home. 


Easy & quick to clean - minimal moving parts. Parts are dishwasher safe but it is best to hand wash the parts immediately after using (or when you've finished your glass of juice!). After awhile, some parts may develop a film or scale and this is easily removed by either soaking in some water/bi-carb soda or in baby bottle cleaning solution.


A smart Silver finish is available. All Omega Juicers are 100% BPA-Free.


The Omega VERT VRT352 Juicer can help you to make nut drinks. It is not suitable for creating foods such as hummus, sorbets, frozen yogurts etc. Your best option in that respect, is the Omega 8227/8228, Oscar Neo 1000 or the Oscar Vitalmax 900.


The Omega VERT VRT352 Juicer is ideal for people with limited bench space due to the fact that it works on a vertical axis (ie. the auger/screw points up to the roof) rather than the horizontal movement of the other cold-press juicers on the market.


It is also great for people with limited mobility or strength because the food is "grabbed" by the auger and there is sometimes little need for any downward pressure using the food pusher.


You can find some great information and tips for the Omega VERT VRT352 Juicer right here!

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Customer Reviews

So happy Review by Jan
Quality of Item
Ease of Use
Hi Nathan
Thanks for the Omega juicer. I am just surprised about everything. Nice, well made, compact, sleek and chic. 2 apples 2 oranges and 500ml of beautiful juice. Believe it will last a decade. Love the small amount of pulp also easy to clean. So happy healthy juicing.

Jan (Posted on 7/07/2017)

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