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Omega Juicers

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Key Omega Juicer Models make a welcome return around Mid-June - Limited Stock Arriving - Don't Miss Out


Are you looking for the Omega MM900HDS from recent recommendations?

The increase in popularity of celery juice has resulted in the MM900HDS being introduced to the US market. The machine has been named and branded to capitalise on this popularity.

This specific model number will never be available in Australia. However...

... the MM900HDS is simply an Omega 8228 with an additional 'celery' nozzle that you can place on the end of the drum cap. I am yet to find out what makes this cap different or special to the one already included with the machine. This inclusion of the celery nozzle is the only difference between the 8228 and the MM900.

The Omega 8228 handles and juices celery perfectly fine as it is. It already comes with an adjustable nozzle - just not a 'celery specific' one. There doesn't appear to be any plans to bring the 'celery specific' nozzle to Australia - the 8228 is the closest we'll get to the MM900HDS.

The latest Omega models that already come with an adjustable nozzle, the Omega NC802HDS and the Omega NC902HDC (identical machines, just a different colour) are excellent machines for juicing celery and everything else.

The NC models from Omega have also been highly recommended in recent blogs.

If you have any queries, please shoot me an email via the contact icon above or call 1300793070.

Omega Cold Press Juicers & Nutrition Centres | Australia Wide Delivery | 1300 793070

The Omega range of juicers can sell out very quickly due to high demand. This can sometimes result in long waits for new stock. If you are keen on a particular model and it is in stock, don't hesitate - grab one!

Originating from the USA, the Omega brand of juicers was first launched in 1985 and sits as the go-to brand for North American customers.

Long considered a quality benchmark for slow juicers, Omega offers both horizontal and vertical style machines for those looking for quality and strength in their new cold press juicer.

You just need to check out the numerous online reviews of the machines on US websites to see that they are highly regarded and incredibly popular juicers.

Sprout sources your new juicer from the original and best Australian Omega Distributor located in Queensland. You can be assured of strong warranties and the best service backed by 35 years experience on top of Sprout's 14 years in business. Don't settle for second best with your investment.

The Omega Juicer range offers both horizontal and vertical style machines. The latest horizontal is the Omega NC802/902 Juicer range. Stylish, modern and strong - they are great for a range of foods and especially good at leafy greens. The Omega VSJ843 is the latest in the vertical style - it really is a ripper. The Omega juicers are bound to look great in any kitchen and be something you can leave out on the bench - ready for your next juice.

The entire Omega Juicer range is 100% BPA-Free ensuring that you get the best quality materials in your machine. Offering a strong Australian domestic warranty across the range of 10 years on parts and 20 years on the motor, you can purchase an Omega with confidence.

A few buying tips for your new cold press juicer.

Your first question about a juicer should be "where is it made"? Stick with South Korean or US-made machines and you cannot go wrong. A couple of the Omega models are manufactured in China under strictly duplicated processes as their South Korean factory. These models are the NC1002HDC, CUBE, 8227, 8228 and the VRT372/382. 

Your first question of a seller should be "do they sell parts or accessories for my preferred machine?". The easiest part of selling online is copying & pasting someone else's content and listing the item - throw out the hook and see how it goes. Call them or email a question and they invariably won't have good responses because they haven't done their research. They just want to sell you something. If they don't sell parts or accessories or offer solid advice, then they really just list an item in the hope that you buy it. Post sale service could then be questionable and you may find yourself questioning the value of those few dollars saved at checkout.

Sprout offers parts, accessories, advice, reassurance, warranty claims and all types of assistance should you need it. I've been doing this since 2005 and funnily enough, actually enjoy it. You can call me on 1300793070 to discuss your requirements.

All of the juicers are brand new in the box and sourced from the best and original Australian Importers/Distributors located in Queensland - you can back your warranty and purchase with confidence.

Prices are competitive and can be price matched. 

Your order is delivered quickly - wherever you are in Australia. Cold Press juicers are delivered direct to Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Darwin, Hobart, Canberra and everywhere in between.

Sprout has specialised in cold press juicers since 2005 - around the time that they started to emerge in Australia. The Omega range of cold press juicers is sold here because of their quality, versatility and strength. You can expect solid and friendly advice to assist you with your choice.

EXPERIENCE: It Does Matter. Call Sprout today on 1300 793070