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Omega Juice Cube CUBE302S Cold Press Juicer


Quick Overview

Did You Know? Omega Juicers aren't available in shops and no matter who you purchase from, all new units are shipped by the distributor. Order yours from Sprout today and receive a 60-recipe eBook to get you started. The download link is provided on shipment. Omega - fast becoming Australia's favorite juicer.

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Green Arrow The CUBE302S is currently unavailable.

Green Arrow Buy from Sprout and you also receive exclusive access to download a range of quality eBooks for free. Hundreds of recipes, tips, ideas and motivation for a healthier lifestyle. Exclusive to Sprout customers.

This brilliant new design from Omega has taken the industry by storm. Its classy counter-top appeal and clever design keeping everything together, makes for a classy appliance - and it could be all yours. Based on the incomparable Omega Nutrition Centres, the CUBE not only does amazing cold press juices, it is capable of creating foods such as nut butters, baby food, soy milk, nut milks and tasks such as extrude pastas, grind spices, mince herbs and garlic - amongst others. It really is the complete system allowing you to be as creative as you want, with the ingredients that you choose.

Omega has been successfully operating in the discerning US market for decades and has positioned themselves as the go-to brand for cold press juicers, blenders and their complete Nutrition Centres.

Omega is fast becoming the favourite go-to Juicer range for Aussies.

Omega Juicer ShippingShipping of Omega Juicers: regardless of who you purchase from, all Omega juicers are shipped directly to customers by the distributor. They are located in Far North Queensland. Estimated business days to arrive in metro areas: Brisbane 3-4 days, Sydney 4-5 days, Melbourne 5-6 days, Adelaide 5-6 days, Hobart 6-7 days, Perth 7-9 days, Darwin 4-5 days. More if you are regional, rural or remote.

Arrow Explanation of Model Numbers: the CUBE302S is identical to the US version CUBE300S. The number '2' distinguishes the fact that the machine has an Aussie plug at the end of the cord and is suited to our 220/240V power. This is the only difference. The final letter denotes the colour/finish - ie. "S" for Silver. You may find other colours available overseas but the Silver is the only one available here in Australia. Do not get sucked in to buying a 110V anything from overseas sites - they will not cope with the 240V.

Exceptionally quiet in operation, the Omega CUBE302S will help you attain that healthy diet you have been looking for. Manufactured in South Korea, the Omega range has been available in the US only - until now. With the Americans being a particularly fussy market, the Omega juicers have been designed with robust parts, a strong motor and with minimum-fuss in mind. You won't be disappointed with your selection of an Omega.

Should any part or parts of the Omega CUBE302S Cold Press Juicer become defective during the first 10 full years or the motor during the first 20 full years, the Australian Distributor (located in QLD) will repair or replace the defective part/parts or motor at the manufacturer’s option free of charge.

The Omega brand has been trusted by American customers for decades. Now available here in Australia. All Omega Juicers are 100% BPA-Free.

Omega CUBE302S Quality

The Revolutionary New Omega Juice Cube and Nutrition Centre is in Australia. Make one yours today.

With convenient storage cavities, cool counter-top appeal, compelling industrial design and a completely different approach to juicer design, the Omega Juice Cube just blew the juicer market wide open. Never before has this design been seen. The principles of a single-gear cold press juicer remain the same but the compact design and the ability to keep all the components together present a revolution in the juicer market. It wouldn't look out of place in any of today's modern kitchens.

The Omega Juice Cube CUBE302S is a powerful, low speed, masticating (cold press) juicer and nutrition system with a square footprint. You will never lose components or attachments or waste time scratching through your kitchen drawers and cupboards looking for parts - everything is kept together within the unit itself.

Like other Omega nutrition systems, the Juice Cube has the same versatility to create nut butters, nut milks and baby foods, works as a pasta extruder, make fruit sorbets or even serve as a grinder of coffee beans and herbs. On top of all this, it is still an incredibly reliable juicer that extracts fresh juice from fruits, vegetables and all your leafy greens.

Omega CUBE302S

The Juice Cube features a dual stage masticating extraction for optimum yield with an adjustable end cap. It automatically ejects pulp into a separate container for easy, continuous juicing. It operates at a low speed of 80 RPMs, allowing it to chew through plant fibers and penetrate membranes to extract the fullest taste and highest values of vitamins and minerals from foods such as wheatgrass, carrots, beetroot and more. Plus, it ensures less foaming and minimal heat rise for healthier, longer lasting juice.

The arrival of the Omega Juice Cube has raised the bar in the juicer market. With its strong brand reputation right around the world, Omega Juicers continues to release strong, reliable and effective machines. They are the favourite of the Americans and are steadily becoming the go-to juicers for Aussies. Who doesn't like knowing that you've bought quality? Noone. Get yourself an Omega today. You won't regret it.

Please feel free to give Sprout a call on 1300 793070 if you have any queries.

Price MatchPRICE MATCH. Sprout works hard to keep on top of competitor prices but if you do happen to find a lower price, please click on the Price Match icon there to the left and submit the details with a link - easy done! If you want to speed it up a bit, please give me a call on 1300 793070 with the details (9-5, 7-Days)


Arrow Specifications & Features:

Model Number: CUBE302S (the digit 2 denotes Aussie plug and suitability - the 300S is the US version with US plugs and 110V)

Colour: Available in Silver only

Motor: 80RPM, Gear Reduction Equivalent of 2HP, slow turning, cold press style juicer

Weight: 9.1kg

Stats: L:260mm x W:265mm x D:260mm (L:10.24" x W:10.43" x D:10.24") - see images for visual stats

Wattage: 200W (operating at 220V/50Hz) - compared to 150W for the NC & 8000 ranges.

Approvals: cETLus, ETL, CE, CCC

Includes: Juicing Screen (25% more screen area than the 8000 series), Homogenising/Solid Screen, 5 Nozzles, 1 x Juice Collection Bowl (950mL), 1 x Pulp Bowl (950mL), Ultem Auger, Adjustable end cap and nozzle/pressure cap - you can start with your juicing or food creations as soon as you open the box. It is all ready to go.

BPA: 100% BPA-Free materials used

Warranty: Australian warranty of 10 years on parts and 20 years on the motor. Omega's service centre is located in Queensland but please contact Sprout if you have any issues with the machine.

Arrow Why Buy Your New Omega Juicer From Sprout?

Personal Service, Experience & Knowledge - I've been selling cold press juicers since 2005 which is right about when they started to emerge in Australia. I have seen brands come and go and I have worked out which brands are worth your time. Those brands are on my website. I am happy to talk to you about your needs and to help you select the right juicer for you. I type how I talk so the item descriptions that you see on my website are all expressed in an informative, down to earth fashion and not copied from the manufacturer or other sellers. I want you to be happy with your choice so feel free to get in touch.

Experience: It Does Matter.

Free Delivery on this juicer - Australia Wide & Direct to your home, office, PO Box, Parcel Locker or local post office.

Price Match Service (Australian Sellers Only) - click the price match image above. Keep in mind that newcomers to online selling think that the best way they can sell to you is knock a few bucks off prices listed by established businesses. Please consider experience, parts, advice and post-sales service in your decision. Sprout has been selling cold press juicers since 2005 - you don't last that long if you're doing it wrong.

Product Advice Available via Email or Phone - helping you make the right decision.

Australian Service Centre located in Queensland. While warranty issues are extremely rare for the Omega range, claims are processed quickly and simply.

Parts & Accessories Available - a reputable business should have parts available for your machine. You can find spare parts here at Sprout. 


Using this juicing machine is slightly different when it comes to setting it up, but using it is a simple process. If you already have a horizontal, masticating juicer, then you should know the assembly is similar. Simply flip the auger housing upright and put everything together. The pulp regulator knob is slipped right onto the end of the juice nozzle. It has three adjustable levels to apply pressure for optimal extraction. For example, dense items like carrots need the highest level and items like oranges need the lowest level of pressure.

To avoid confusion, the containers are labeled. You will need to slice up your produce into smaller items in order to fit the pieces into the feed chute. It manages to easily juice most items and often self-feeds—especially when the item is sliced into smaller strips. Some items may have problems getting stuck in the machine. Alternate a dense item with a softer item to prevent any backlog. While operating the machine, slowly place the produce into the chute. To ensure steady operation, allow the machine to work at its own pace. Even though it is a slow juicer, it will finish juicing faster than you would imagine.


It is dishwasher safe, but it is best to wash the parts by hand in warm, soapy water as soon as you have finished juicing. It is not difficult to clean. Use the included cleaning brush to remove fiber from the metal juicing screen. Make sure to scrub the pulp completely from the parts because you do not want to leave any residue behind. If you are going to wash the parts in the dishwasher, place everything on the top rack, and wash on the lowest temperature setting. Pre-clean the juicing screen to remove the pulp. If the pulp hardens on the screen, allow it to soak in warm, soapy water to soften the dried pulp for approximately ten minutes.


It features a dual stage masticating extraction process to remove the most optimal yield of juice. It crushes the items and presses the pulp against the juicing screen to separate the juice from the fibre. This slow process safely removes enzymes, nutrients, and antioxidants the body needs to be healthy. Furthermore, masticating juicers tend to produce more juice at a higher quality level than a centrifugal (fast) juicer. The resulting juice is full bodied and delicious.

A masticating juicer, like this one, will always produce a higher yield and better quality than any centrifugal juicer on the market. To absorb the highest levels of nutrients, drink it on an empty stomach as soon as you have finished juicing. Do not forget to swish it around in your mouth and chew a few times to encourage the digestive process to begin.

One advantage of a masticating juicer is you can store the juice for a longer period of time. Create a batch and pour it into a glass container, almost to the top. Seal it with an airtight lid and keep it cold until you’re ready to drink it. Please note, glass is the best option for storage, but stainless steel and plastic containers are good alternatives.


Similar to the Omega 8000 series, this new machine is also equipped with complimentary accessories to help you do other things aside from juicing. Omega Cube302S can also be a food processor, homogeniser, pasta maker, coffee grinder.

It can be used as a food processor to chop your meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables into fine pieces for any meal you’re planning. This mincing/grinding ability also allows you to prepare ingredients for marinades, salsas, soups, and sauces. Additionally, it can also process soaked rice and beans producing a puree-like consistency.

If you feel like eating healthy frozen desserts, feel free to freeze your juice into ice cubes then let the machine turn it into a cold healthy treat by adding milk, yogurt and other ingredients to your heart’s content. This homogenizer function can also be used to make nut butters and baby food.

The complementary nozzles can be used to make pasta of varying shapes and sizes, you can choose between a round or a flat noodle; better yet you can add some flavor to your pasta to make a Korean style u-dong noodles. Nozzles with larger opening can be used to form bread sticks. The bad news is you still have to prepare your dough.

You can even grind your own coffee beans for a fresh cup of java with this machine. Some coffee beans (especially gourmet coffees) have higher oil content, this have to be dried overnight for easier processing.


All types of produce can be processed by this juice press—soft & hard produce, leafy greens, citrus fruits, and nuts and beans.

Hard produce includes beets, carrots, apple, pepper, cauliflower, watermelon, fennel, turmeric, asparagus, pear, cucumber, garlic, broccoli, yakon, sweet potato, bitter gourd, celery, cilantro, ginger, coconut, pineapple and pumpkin.

You can turn soft fruits such asavocado, kiwifruit, papaya, melon, peach, tomato, grapes, pomegranate, strawberry, mango, blackberry and cranberries into a puree using this machine.

Leafy greens include spinach, brussels sprout, basil, peppermint, wheatgrass, lettuce, kale, cabbage, dandelion greens, spring onion, collard greens, pine tree needles, beet greens and parsley.

Citrus fruits include lemon, mandarin, grapefruit, orange, lime and tangerine.

It can also help you make soy and almond milk to add variety to your juicing routine.

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The Omega Juice Cube Cube302S Masticating Juicer has an improved design. It is modern and will fit well into a corner due to its cube shape. Multifunctional, it juices, creates pasta, nut milks, baby food, and tasty sorbets. Like most horizontal masticating juicers, it performs best on denser items, but does well on most items. Softer produce will need to be helped through the machine with a denser item. If you wish to juice pineapple, apples, or berries, you will definitely need a harder item, like celery or carrots, to push these through efficiently.

Another thing to note is that this machine is incredibly quiet. Centrifugal juicers sound like an airplane is taking off in your kitchen! The pulp regulator knob allows for optimum extraction, which is a nice addition to this juicer. It’s not included in some of the earlier models.

The Omega Cube302S Juice Cube Juicer appears to be worth it for those who wish to use a powerful juicer that delivers nutrient-dense juice for individuals seeking to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Price MatchPRICE MATCH. Sprout works hard to keep on top of competitor prices but if you do happen to find a lower price, please click on the Price Match icon there to the left and submit the details with a link - easy done! If you want to speed it up a bit, please give me a call on 1300 793070 with the details (9-5, 7-Days)


Current Rating

Customer Reviews

Would pay for itself in a year Review by Tiff
Quality of Item
Ease of Use
I bought this juicer Dec 2018. I decided to buy this model because I wanted to replace an old Breville Juice Fountain. The main reasons I chose this juicer over others was that I was juicing alot of leafy matter (kale and rocket), and secondly it has storage for all the bits and pieces in the juicer, so less chance of parts being dispersed around the house.

Now that I have had a chance to give it a good go with a variety of tasks, I can proudly say I am happy to own this juicer. With my old juicer, I found that I needed to put the leafy bits through 4 times to get enough juice to convince me I wasn't throwing money out, but without the veges getting overheated in the process. For 2 bags of rocket and a bunch of kale, this took 45 mins and I would get roughly 350mL juice. With the Cube, I get double the amount of juice from the same amount of veges. It did result in me changing my juicing habits to adapt to the new juicer so I was juicing less often, and therefore having to perform cleaning less often too. In total, I calculated I needed 1/3 less vegetables to get the same amount of juice, which resulted in a weekly saving of $10.

My only criticism of the juicing function is that when the unit is juicing, there is a little vibration in the chassis, resulting in the juicing receptacle slowly walking along until maybe it doesn't line up with the juicing chute and spillage happens. A heavy tin of beans to the left of the juicing receptacle fixes that.
I have also tried the homogenising attachments, and can report that pushing leftover pulled pork through the mince nozzle makes a wonderful ravioli filling. I have also made egg pasta and hard pretzels (IFU says it makes breadsticks, and that piqued my interest). The fettucine pasta comes out quite thick compared to my hand cranked pasta machine so I'd say its best to make pasta and immediately cook it rather than making a batch of fettucine and drying it like I do with the dedicated pasta machine, as the thicker extruded fettucine takes ages to dry. It seems suited to doughs similar in consistency to pasta dough; a little too moist and dough doesn't extrude smoothly. Soft pretzel dough I tried once, extruds fine but it sticks to everything = difficult to handle dough. (Posted on 14/03/2019)
such a relief Review by celeste
Quality of Item
Ease of Use
i was hesitant to spend this kind of money on a juicer but after using it for a month now, i am totally relieved. it is a fantastic juicer . it does everything i need it to and this includes carrots, oranges, celery, ginger and kale (amongst others). the juice is divine and the clean up takes no time at all. i rarely review online purchases but this one deserves it. overall very happy with this juicer. (Posted on 15/02/2019)
Beyond impressed Review by antoinette
Quality of Item
Ease of Use
I was keen to buy a cold press juicer and wasn't sure where to begin... long story short, ended up buying the omega cube and i haven't looked back. It's genuinely a dream! It's so easy to clean, easy to use, very quiet and (very importantly) it's aesthetically pleasing. Also, the advice i got from Sprout was invaluable (in terms of what juicer would best suit my needs and honest advice regarding models and buyer feedback). (Posted on 22/01/2019)
super Review by marg young
Quality of Item
Ease of Use
thanks for recommending the cube to me. the whole family loves it and our juices are amazing. would i recommend it? yes i would. thanks again. (Posted on 2/01/2019)
Fabulous juicer Review by Virginia in Vic
Quality of Item
Ease of Use
I ordered our Cube prior to Chrissie and received it in good time. It is an impressive design and has done a great job at creating our morning juices for myself and the kids. Very easy to clean and everything has a spot to put it back in place afterwards. Plus, it looks very modern in the kitchen and friends have already commented on it. Nathan at Sprout was very helpful and lovely when helping with our decision. Thanks so much for your advice. (Posted on 2/01/2019)
Strong Juicer Review by Vivienne X
Quality of Item
Ease of Use
I received my new Cube last week and it has really impressed me and my family. It is so easy to clean and the juice is just wonderful. We love the way it all packs in to place neatly. We have been running a lot of carrots and celery through and it juices them both very well. We are happy to recommend the cube to anyone. (Posted on 5/12/2018)

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