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Greenpower Hippocrates-Plus Juicer - WHITE

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Pronounced Hipp - Ock - Rat - Eez after the ancient Greek Physician often referred to as the "Father of Western Medicine". Modern Doctors today still take the Hippocratic Oath.

The Green Power Hippocrates-Plus is a user-friendly juicer with advanced twin gear magnetic technology allowing it to extract more juice than many other juicers on the market. This is the GPT-E1305 "Hippocrates-Plus".

The Green Power Hippocrates-Plus is a fantastic cold press juice extractor which will soon become your favourite appliance in the kitchen. Unlock the key elements from the fibre in fruit and vegetables without destroying vital nutrients and living enzymes and give your body optimum goodness. 

The Hippocrates is ranked high on any list for freshness of juice and ease of use when compared to a number of cold-press and centrifugal machines.

With a strong 12-year warranty for parts, labour and motor - the Hippo is backed by confidence!

Take Advantage of the Savings and grab one today!

Living food processor – make the Green Power Hippocrates your total living kitchen. You can make nut butters, nut milks, soy bean dishes, frozen fruit sorbets and purees, jams, soups. It also minces garlic and ginger and a large variety of other foods.

New & improved Twin gear technology - The "Jang" gears mesh closer together than any other twin gear juicer and are designed to open more of the cell wall releasing more enzymes and nutrients into your juice.

Easily adjustable juicing pressure - The Green Power Hippocrates allows you to control the pressure inside the machine while you are juicing different types of fruits and vegetables, allowing you to retain the maximum juice possible.

Guaranteed strength and durability - the stainless steel locking mechanism which is exclusive to this model means that there are no plastic parts that are subject to stress.

The Multi-Purpose Pasta and Commercial Wheatgrass Juicing attachment is now included with the Hippocrates-Plus. It is also available as an optional extra should you wish to upgrade your current Hippo Juicer.

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Vital Stats & Warranty

The Greenpower Hippocrates is supported by a strong warranty - 12 Years on the Motor & Gearbox as well as on Parts & Labour. All warranty issues are all looked after by the Australian warranty provider located in Northern NSW. Replacement parts are shipped to you and there is no need to send the machine back to Korea should you encounter any problems.

Weight: Shipping Weight 10.1kg

Dimension: L 400mm x H 350mm x W 210mm (L 15.8" x H 13.8" x W 8.3")

Voltage / Frequency: 230V / 50Hz / 150W power

Auger RPM: 160-180RPM

Inclusions: Vegie screen, fruit screen, solid crushing screen (for homogenising more sold foods for such things as ice-cream, sorbets, baby food etc.), food pusher/plunger, juice collection bowl (with small magnet on base to help slow down oxidation), Jang twin-gears, cleaning brush, soft fruit drum-attachment and a multi-purpose kit containing pasta attachments and wheatgrass attachment for doing larger quantities of wheatgrass in one sitting.


Available in White on special.

Quality Features

• Juices wheatgrass, fruits, vegies, leafy greens and grains.

• The new & improved model will also juice Pomegranate.

• It can make pasta, fruit sorbets, baby food and more

• Magnetic technology 

• Smooth and pulp-free juice

• Adjustable crushing pressure via the pulp knob on the front of the machine

• Bio-ceramic twin gears mesh close together (4/1000th of an inch clearance)

• Quick and easy to assemble

• Simple and easy to clean Low operating noise (60dB)

• Automatic motor thermostat prevents the motor from over-heating

• Cold press juicer turning at 160-180 rpm

Current Rating

Customer Reviews

review Review by hippo
Quality of Item
Ease of Use
Bought to replace my old centrifugal juicer. The juice is certainly 'cleaner' and there is less waste. It does leafy greens well, almost on its own! however the more dense vegetables take a strong push to feed them through juicer.
The juicer is relatively easy to clean, although the internals stain.
I thought the instruction manual was poor, certainly not giving enough information about the optimal use of the vegetable and fruit screens. Overall I am pleased with the purchase. (Posted on 28/03/2014)
Great juicer - SO MANY options... Review by Wapo
Ease of Use
Quality of Item
The GreenPower Hippo is a great juicer... just takes time and effort to become familiar with it all.

Seems a durable and robust construction. There seems to be a part (or three) for EVERYTHING you could imagine (and more!) While nice... its a tad intimidating too.

So far, have juiced: carrots (superb), celery (good), beet root (excellent), then apple (okay). It never stalled (jammed) - just cranked through whatever I put through it.

Clean-up is a time consuming chore. Takes me at least 2 to 3 times longer to clean up the Hippo than anything else I've used. There are SO MANY parts - I am afraid I may misplace, misuse, or generally get overwhelmed with it all.

Instructions are basic - and a tad obscure for me. Juice quality was great (little foam) and very dry pulp. Overall - its a good option (especially for those who want one machine for everything and like to customise, hot rod, and tweak absolutely everything.

Myself, I think I'd go for a simpler juicer that is quick and easy to use and clean. But, one never knows when they might want to jump in the deep end too! Enjoy... (Posted on 17/02/2014)
Overall a good machine for juicing leafy greens and wheatgress with a versatile crush screen. Review by Robyn
Ease of Use
Quality of Item
The Hippo makes easy juicing of leafy greens and wheatgrass with the machine almost totally self feeding of these with a good yield. The machine requires some arm power for pushing harder vegetables in. Vegetable and fruit juice mixes require alternating of vegetables and fruits in the feeding chute so as not to congest the vegetable screen. The fruit screen allows for more pulp to come into your juice if that is your preference. Overall a great juice yield.

Crush Screen:
The Hippo makes awesome fruit sorbets from frozen bananas, mangoes, pineapple, berries and other fruits. The machine purchase is almost worth it in this function alone! I have made nut butters well but these benefit from being fed through a least a couple of times for a really creamy result. I have also used it to mix bread dough for a great result although this is not in the instruction guide. The machine grinded cacao nibs with ease. The instructions do specify that the machine cannot be used as a grain mill for dry hard grains such as rice which require pre-soaking to soften before grinding. The opening at the bottom of the crush screen means contents comes out both at the end and sometimes at the bottom of the machine - so 2 containers are required to catch contents.

I don’t believe any juicer on the market is easy to clean but it is much easier than my old centrifugal as the screen size is small. The white plastic parts began to discolour slightly after a small number of uses but they are internal and cannot be seen when assembled, and this does not affect the machines overall look or function.

The Hippo has a great yield and it is easy work for the machine to juice leafy greens and wheatgrass. The crush screen function has many uses. The overall noise is low. The carry handle is convenient.

The instruction booklet. The recipes cater for the Korean market. The Hippo Plus attachments come with very few instructions.

I am happy with my purchase and my Hippo performs its tasks well. It replaced a 15+ year old centrifugal and it easily excelled in comparison. I have not seen any other juicers in use and therefore can offer no comparison between currently available machines.
(Posted on 27/11/2013)

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Ease of Use
Quality of Item

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