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Selecting the right juicer for your specific needs and lifestyle is vital.

On each of the specific product pages for each juicer, I've tried to present the information that will assist you with getting to know each of the models available. From descriptions to vital stats and warranties, it's important to gather what you can before committing to a purchase. 

A lot of these juicers have now been picked up by the big retailers but Sprout has maintained competitive prices in light of this. Your support of this little guy here (Sprout!) would be fantastic and rest assured that advice will be top notch, honest, specific to juicers and I won't try to sell you a microwave or vacuum cleaner in the same phone call.

Personally, I view the selection of a juicer as a medium to long term purchase.

With good looking after and smart use, they will last you a long, long time. I rate these machines very highly indeed and I wouldn't sell them if I didn't.

If you don't find the information you need on Sprout's website, please feel free to Contact Sprout and I'll make sure to help you the best I can.

Sprout does not employ 'hard sell' approaches and I want you to be most satisfied with the choice that best suits you and your needs - not mine! 

Sprout does however, offer a Competitive Price Match Service. If you find an identical machine available somewhere for a lower price in Australia, click on the Price Match link throughout the site and I'll do the best I can to match or better the price. What have you got to lose? Certainly not your money!

Which Juicers does Sprout sell?

I often get asked, "What is the best juicer?". My answer is generally, "everything on my website is quality - I won't sell rubbish". My answer is also based around asking you what your need for a juicer is, what you will be juicing, how many of you in the household and what your budget is. The juicer has to suit your needs. A good choice for one person may be totally wrong for another. Someone trying to get their kids in to a healthier diet via juice will have differing needs or requirements to someone juicing to combat poor health.

Sprout is primarily focused on cold-press juicers capable of squeezing juice from wheatgrass along with other fresh, tasty fruit and veggies. These juicers are sometimes called masticating juicers, slow-turning juicers, slow gear juicers or twin-gear juicers (amongst other names).

The market is provided with a number of different brands and types of juicers these days. Sprout has tested and used all of the models featured on this website and believes that the selection offered caters to suit every budget. I believe that they are the best available in Australia for their purpose.

All products on the range are manufactured and distributed by reputable and well established companies and you can rest assured that all after-sales service will be of a high and professional quality.

There are a couple of brands and machines out there that I will not sell. I have in the past and they just haven't stood up to the high quality expected of something you spend $300-400+ on. The high quality juicers out there are manufactured in South Korea - they have the market sewn up in my view and they really do know what they're doing. I certainly urge you to ensure that any cold-press juicer that you do purchase is manufactured in South Korea. That's my personal view anyway and I am not naming any brand in particular but it's something to keep an eye out for.

Sprout's Juicer Range

The Angel Juicers - AG5500 and AG8500
The Rolls-Royce of the juicing world. Exceptionally powerful machine that can extract a higher yield of juice than other brands. Full stainless-steel construction, quick and easy to clean and assemble and would look stylish in any household. The craftsmanship that goes into these machines is exceptional and the differences in the two models is explained on the Angel product page. Over the past few years, the Angels have gained a huge level of popularity right around the world. if you have made a decision to get yourself an Angel and you see them "In Stock", get on to it straight away. The frequency and length of time when they are unavailable due to selling out before the arrival of the next shipment has increased over the past 12-18 months. The factory and importer cannot keep up with global demand and these gaps are on the rise. I cannot recommend the Angel highly enough. I use one personally and my recommendation is not due to a higher profit from a sale. There is hardly any money in an Angel for me and I make more from some of the lower priced models. It is simply because it is a top quality machine and my personal body response to my using it everyday or two has been really noticeable. I feel more energetic, not as fuzzy in the head, I don't get a 3pm melt-down like I used to and I'm sleeping really well each night. Purchasing one was a big decision for me as well as anyone else, but I haven't looked back since getting it and I actually look forward to using it.

Greenpower Hippocrates and Kempo Twin-Gear Cold-Press Juicers
Essentially the same machine, the Hippo & Kempo are robust and powerful juicers running with a twin auger. They are very versatile and provides an excellent juice yield, is reasonably easy to clean, dimantle and re-assemble. Generates minimal foam. Suitable for a diverse range of produce and capable of creating more solid foods such as sorbets, ice-creams, nut butters etc. I would not recommend this type of machine for a newcomer to cold-press juicing or for those who lead really busy lifestyles and need their juice 5 minutes ago. They take a bit of getting used to and aren't as quick from start to finish as some of the single gear models. Having said that, they are excellent at what they do and incredibly robust. They plough through anything and the juice is great.

Oscar Vital Max 900 & Oscar Neo 1000 Cold-Press Juicers
The Oscar brand has become renowned for quality machines and these two are the best. The 900 is one of the original single auger juicers and a real market stayer. The Neo is more recent and the differences between the two models can be found on the Neo page. They sell a great deal of these machines around the world and people just love them. They both produce a high yield for single auger machines, are both incredibly easy to clean and very versatile in that they can make minces, nutbutters, soups, baby foods etc. Optional attachments such as the mincing and slicing/ice crusher are also available to add even greater versatility to your new machine. Definitely great value for the price point they are. I also like their range of colours and they are a smart looking machine.

Hurom HU400, HU500 & HU700 Cold-Press Juicers
Hurom is another great brand selling huge numbers globally. They have taken the traditional horizontal design and swung it around to the vertical axis. They are an innovative design with a commercial setting in mind, but ideal for households. Extremely easy to clean, they produce a high yield of juice, they are all strong and capable of crunching through hard stuff like carrots and beetroot. Sleek design and small footprints for those with limited bench-space. Vertical machines are not so great with leafy greens or wheatgrass. While I rate the HU700 for example, at a 9.5/10 for general juicing, I would rate it at a 7.5/10 for leafy greens. If you want to juice loads of leafy stuff, go for the horizontal variety. They just tend to be better at it.

Omega VRT350 & Omega 8006 Cold-Press Juicers

The Omega is another great all-round brand producing some great machines. What I said about the Huroms above can be said for the Omega VERT. The Omega 8006 is similar to the Oscar Vitalmax 900.

LexSun 6-in-1 Juicer - Coming to Sprout Soon
A great quality and sturdy machine that is very versatile in what it can juice and produce with a new sleek design.Improvements on strength of parts and exceptionally versatile. Great for any kitchen!

BL30 Stainless Steel Manual Juicer
Great for the individual or couple and made from a very strong and rustproof stainless steel. Does most fruits and vegies including wheatgrass, is long lasting and produces a good yield of juice.

Healthy MK3 Manual Juicer
Polycarbonate construction, very light and compact and is easy to assemble and clean. An inexpensive option that juices wheatgrass, soft fruits, leafy greens. Ideal for the first time juicer and great for travellers.

Which is the best juicer for me?

When I first began the hunt for a wheatgrass juicer I didn't have a clue what I was looking for. After a long period of time I have tested a large number of juicers and decided against a few because they did not meet one or more of the criteria. Every juicer is different and there is not one that I have found that fills every criteria perfectly.

I suggest that you should think of the following considerations while you're deciding on which juicer to choose to best fulfil your juicing needs – for wheatgrass and other produce.

Versatility – what else does this machine do ? What do I want my new juicer to do?

Do I want or need a juicer that has that versatility to not only juice all fruits and veggies but will also do nut butters, will make soups, babyfoods, desserts etc., or do I just want to juice wheatgrass and fruits and vegetables? Versatility vs Just Juicing.

Do I want a juicer that yields the maximum amount of juice every day or will I only be using it a couple of times a week or even less often? You need to also consider how many people you will be juicing for and how much juice will be required of the machine and then consumed in a day....a couple of days....a week.

Simple to use and clean - convenience and easy

If your life is very busy and you demand a juicer that is simple to use and to clean, then I rate most of these machines very highly. The vertical machines (Huroms) are great at splashing through some water in between types of juices or at the end of your juicing process to give itself a good flush out. The larger parts also make cleaning very quick and easy. The Hippocrates/Kempo tend to be a bit more fiddly with the cleaning due to the smaller parts but none of these machines will take hours to clean - just a matter of seconds or minutes.

Budget considerations - what's my price point? My budget is fixed - I can only afford a certain amount to spend on my juicer. Keep in mind also, that some of the more expensive machines do tend to produce more juice - the Angel particularly. This essentially equates to a savings on your grocery spend as you will require less fruit/veg to attain the same amount of juice. It will pay for itself in no time.

When it comes to strength and durability, all of these machines will stand up to the daily rigours of juicing a range of ingredients. Crunching through the harder stuff like carrots and beetroot is done with ease and you can rest assured that these machines will be with you for the long haul. It can be initially difficult to part with your hard earned cash for such an "appliance" but a smart approach is to view it as an investment in you, your health and your family's health.

There's no real price that you can put on that but if you want to, then take the Angel for example - purchase for, say, $1500, it lasts you - for the sake of this point - easily a good ten years; that's $150 per year; $3 per week; 43 cents per day. 43 cents per day to provide yourself or your family with awesome, life enhancing, enzyme rich, nutrient dense JUICE!! That's 10% of the cost of a daily coffee. I will say no more other than divide all those figures above by three if you're looking at spending an average of $500. The great thing about these machines is, once you get into a bit of a routine and you start to notice the massive difference in your body, your health and your energy levels from your daily juice, then it will become a huge part of your life and you'll be glad that you got one of your own.

What about replacements and warranties?

All of the juicers on Sprout's range have strong warranties and are built to last. (Refer to individual product warranties for details)

Quality really counts here – beware of "el-cheapo's" that lurk around and tend to be manufactured en-masse and with little consideration for what really makes a quality juicer. The stablemates of the juicer world have decades of experience in research, design and development behind them and it shows.

Buy a cheap juicer such as a - "Sun-ville" or "BrevBeam", for example, and it will literally last you a year and then conk out 3 weeks after its warranty expires. Not only is it a centrifugal design but you've wasted your money and a year on inferior juices. Grab an Oscar or a Hurom or even an Angel and they will last you for ages. The Oscars all come with a 20 year warranty for goodness sake! We don't even get that on a new car.

I have personally made mistakes. Generally there is a good reason for a machine to be cheap. For a machine to obtain juice from wheatgrass and other fruits and veggies, it takes a lot of force and crushing power and therefore a very strong machine is required.

For example, to juice a carrot an auger has to pulverise and crush it through a superfine sieve and keep on doing so year after year.

All of the parts and the motor need to be super strong. Superior quality usually costs more. When buying a juicer, this is a product where quality is an important issue.

All of the higher quality machines are manufactured in Korea. The Koreans have developed a strong reputation for producing quality made machines since the early 1980's.