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Electric Cold-Press Juicer Comparison

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Once upon a time, in a place far far away I used to be able to maintain a chart of juicers on the market. It was easy to do and simple to keep up to date. These days, there's so many models available and they keep adding more quite quickly, that I've given up trying to keep a chart.

There are a number of quality cold-press juicers out on the market and Sprout is very selective about which ones to sell. Click on the logos above to check out the major ranges.These charts provide you with a good snapshot of what is available here at Sprout. A lot of these juicers have now been picked up by the big retailers but Sprout has maintained competitive prices in light of this.

Please note that some of the well exposed brands such as Oscar and Hurom are not shown on my website. It is important to me that my customers (and me of course) are provided with the best after sales service and my business is treated in a positive manner. If I feel that this is not achieved, I do not sell that range.

You can find further information by visiting the specific product page for each of the juicers - most contain specifications, pictures and youtube videos.

Sprout also offers a Price Match Service. Find a lower price somewhere else? Let me know.

With so many more models and brands now available, I try my best to keep the website as up to date as possible. I also try my best to keep an eye on competing prices so if you're in the market for a quality cold press juicer, Sprout is your best choice!

If you'd like to speak with me directly, I can be reached on 1300 793070 between 9am and 5pm, 7-days a week.