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Hurom H26 Alpha Cold Press Juicer


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Selling Hurom since 2010Released in March 2016, the Hurom H26 Alpha Cold Press Juicer represents the brilliant technology in Cold Press Juicing we have come to expect from Hurom. It is sometimes called the H-AA in other countries. Spruiked as one of their 3rd Generation units, the sleek new design boasts the smallest footprint in the Hurom range as well as other features explored below.

Sprout has been selling Huroms since 2010 and they have always proven to be one of the better brands with few issues or warranty claims. While they do tend to pump out new models fairly quickly, Hurom appears to take notice of concerns and then implements improvements in subsequent models. You know that you can buy a Hurom with full confidence - quality manufacturing from South Korea.

Since 2005, Hurom has sold over 7 million juicers in more than 50 countries and currently holds over 200 technology and design based patents. That's impressive. Their business is juicers and they do it well.

The 'Alpha' classification refers to Hurom's Generation 3 Drum Assembly which has been further refined to provide customers with the best possible juicing experience. Hurom has always been at the forefront of research and development of their machines and this has been shown by the continual improvement of the models over the past 5 years in particular. 

New Features:

Tick New Sleek Design: The H26 is Hurom's sleekest model to date and boasts the smallest foot-print in the Hurom range of cold press juicers

Tick New Auger & Drum Design: A new modified auger shape allows for longer use and improved operation; and the new drum design improves the overall juicing experience while maximising yield. The auger revolves at 45RPM to minimise build up of froth.The Drum also has a patented pulp lever allowing you to control the amount of pulp in your juice.

Tick 17rpm Spinning Brushes: By slowing down the speed of the spinning brushes, you can gently mix juice within the bowl, and prevent over-flowing and foam build-up.

Tick New Ice Cream Maker: A newly developed Ice Cream Maker is included in the box as standard enabling you to make your favourite ice creams, sorbets and smoothies; and to get you started, Hurom includes a 45 page Ice Cream Recipe Book.

Tick Transparent Hopper: A handy addition allowing you to watch your ingredients from start to finish. The hopper is the very top of the machine you see in the images and this continues down as the feeding chute before the produce enters the juicing drum. All previous models have had black parts but this transparent hopper/chute now allows you to see what's happening in that chute.

Tick Colour Range: The H26 Alpha is available in Black, Wine Red & Titanium Silver.

What's In The Box?

Cold Press Juicer
1 Fine and 1 Coarse Strainer
Ice Cream/Sorbet Maker
1 Juice Jug and 1 Pulp Jug
Food Pusher
2 Cleaning Brushes
Drying Stand
Chute Cover
Juice Recipe Book & Ice Cream Recipe Book
User Manual

Price Match

Sprout is constantly checking prices for the same model appliances out there in online-land but if you happen to find a lower price elsewhere, please click on the Price Match icon there to the left and submit the details with a link - easy done! Or if you're in a hurry, give me a call on 1300 793070 with the details.

Only stipulations - the item must be in-stock, brand new, identical, valued at over $50.00 and from an Australian retailer.

Warranty and Aftersales:

The motor in all Hurom Consumer Juicers is covered by a 10 year warranty and the remaining parts are covered by a 2 year warranty.

If a particular part fails and your juicer is under warranty, Hurom will usually send out a replacement part however in the unlikely situation where your Hurom Juicer needs service, their Australian service centre is located in Brisbane so help is not far away. 

Hurom H26 Quality


Hurom H26 Alpha Cold Press Juicer Specs

Why Buy a Hurom?

Hurom is the Global Leader in Slow/Cold Press Juicers having been in business since 1974. Since 2010, Hurom has sold over 6 million juicers into more than 50 countries and Hurom currently holds over 200 technology and design patents, more than any other Cold Press Juicer manufacturer.

Hurom Cold Press Juicers are made in Korea from only the highest quality components and are far superior than cheap Chinese imports. Not only can they make juice, they can make nut milk, ice-cream, sorbet & smoothies making them extremely versatile.

Hurom Elite Series Cold Press Juicers also have the highest yield of any juicer on the market (tested by Choice Australia in Nov 2014) plus they use up to 80% less power than a 750 watt traditional high-speed juicer. Lastly, Hurom Juicers are super quick and easy to clean - just rinse under a tap; and all models in the Hurom Consumer range come with a 10 year manufacturers’ warranty that is supported right here in Australia.

Customer Reviews & Quotes:

"I love this juicer! Its true that it cleans up in just a few minutes. I even take it with me when I travel! I love that its a small foot print since I don't have much counter space. I recommended it to a friend and she got one! Dont hesitate! I love it!" - Kimberley

"So excited about our new Hurom juicer!!! This is a beauty and does everything I need and more. Bye, bye juice bars! Cheers to good health!" - Amazon US User

"Works as advertised, the best juicer I've ever used. Easy to use, easy to clean. Two thumbs up." - T.Law

"I wanted this for so long and finally I bought it for my family. I made juice every morning for 5 days already. I feel a lot healthier!! I was afraid that it might be hard to clean but it takes less than 3 mins. One thing, I was little confused with the ice cream strainer. But, I found this great recipe online using frozen yogurt and raspberry cubes to make ice cream with Hurom! It taste AMAZING....I love the fact that there is no preservatives or additives. Hope everybody gets healthier with Hurom! Thank you Hurom!!" - Choi

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