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Hemp Foods Australia

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  1. Hemp Foods Australia - Organic Hulled Seeds 250gr
  2. Hemp Foods Australia - Hemp Oil 250mL
  3. Hemp Foods Australia - Hemp Oil 500mL
  4. Hemp Foods Australia - Hemp Protein 500gr
  5. Hemp Foods Australia - Hemp Protein 1kg
  6. Sani Hemp Seed Oil - 100mL
  7. Sani Hemp Seed Oil - 200mL
  8. Sani Hemp - Hemp Seed Oil 1L
  9. Hemp Foods Australia - Organic Hulled Seeds 1kg

9 Item(s)

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Hemp seeds have been consumed as a staple food all over the world for thousands of years. They are an important dietary component because of their abbundance in essential nutrients. Digestible, safe, sustainable and balanced.

Soft, tasty hemp seeds can be used for making Hemp Milk, Hemp Ice Cream, Hemp Hommus, sprinkled on to breakfast, lunch and dinner meals or eaten on their own. Delicious Hemp Oil is used as a treatment for various skin conditions, moisturiser, as a salad dressing, for dripping on bread, for making in to sauces or simply drizzled over meals to boost their nutrient content.

Smooth, nutty Hemp Protein powder is used to boost the protein quality and quantity of smoothies, snack bars and flour mixes such as bread, muffins and pasta.

Hemp Foods Australia is the leading supplier of quality, sustainable and safe Hemp products.

If you have any questions about the Hemp Foods Australia range, please call Sprout on 1300793070