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Excalibur 5-Tray Digital Dehydrator 4548CDB


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Plus Sign FREE INCLUSIONS: Drying Sheet, copy of "Preserve It Naturally" book valued at $39.00, 60-Recipe eBook (valued at $30.00) and Free Delivery to your door..

Also available in the 9-Tray Digital Model 4948CDB.

For your convenience, adding Non-Stick Teflex or Silicone Sheets to your order is as easy as selecting the quantity. This will be added straight on to your order. Great for roll-ups, yoghurt or just keeping the unit clean.

What's with the Non-Stick Sheets? These sheets are specifically for the Excalibur machines and offer a protective layer on top of the mesh trays. Some people use them all the time no matter what they are drying (saves on cleaning the trays) but they are mainly used for drying liquid or runny type foods such as fruit strips, yogurt roll-ups etc. - those types of things that would normally run through the mesh trays. They are quite thick in nature, non-stick, easy to wipe down and are re-usable over and over again. You can save on the purchase price and postage by ordering them with your unit. The Extra Sheets are in addition to the One free sheet received with the unit (eg. Select 4 Extra Sheets to receive 5 in total). You can select between Teflex and Silicone based sheets.

The brand new release from Excalibur, USA - the digitally controlled 5-Tray Unit Dehydrator.

This all new unit - model number 4548CDB in Australia or 3548CDB in the US - comes with a 48-hour digital controller, trays, polyscreens and a clear door so you can view the progress without interupting the drying process. Available in Black Only.

The 48-hour timer allows you to set up Two Time/Two Temperature with the unit automatically adjusting after the first setting and turning off after the second setting is complete. For example, you can speed up the drying process by setting at a higher temperature for a specified period of time and then set the dehydrator at a lower temperature for the remaining period. The 48-hour timer allows you to set-and-forget.

The adjustable thermostat provides temperatures between 35C and 74C (95F to 165F). This temperature range is low enough to preserve active enzymes in fruit and vegetables and high enough to meet safety standards when dehydrating meat for jerky. The unit automatically turns on when the thermostat is in use.

Featuring Excalibur's patented Parallex Horizontal Air Flow and Hyperwave Fluctuation Technology, the most effective heat/dry combination on the market.

5 large trays with BPA-Free mesh screens - 15" x 15" each or approximately 10kg of capacity. One reliable 7-inch fan.

Made in the USA, Excalibur has come to be the 'go-to' brand for dehydrators right around the world and have established a sound reputation here in Australia over the past few years.

Specifically made for people who demand a lot from their food dehydrator, it has 9 large trays and a unique design that is way ahead of traditional round dehydrators.

Like all Excalibur dehydrators, it uses a trademarked horizontal-airflow drying system, ensuring that the food is dried evenly on all the trays. The drying system is located in the back of the unit, pushing warm air out the front. Thanks to the horizontal drying, there's no need to rotate the trays. With this dehydrator you'll get perfect results every time, with minimal effort!

So why use a dehydrator?

Well, for one, it's a great way to make snacks that are both delicious and nutritional. Unlike the case of high heat cooking, food that has been dehydrated holds almost all of the nutritional value and flavor. How about dehydrating strawberries and enjoying them every breakfast? Or you could make beef jerky, which is great to snack on when you need some quick energy.

According to reviews, the Excalibur Digital 5-Tray series blows the competing food dehydrating machines out of the water. The proprietary dehydrating system really works like a charm, and produces incredible results. Sure, you might have to pay a bit more than you would with a budget dehydrator, but the results are well worth it.

It doesn't get any easier than this! Also, the quality of this machine is outstanding. Don't be surprised if it lasts for decades - that's how well built it is.

This is the perfect size for large families, gardeners & crafts-people.

Dries up to 10kgs at a time, it has a built in thermostat, 18cm fan and 600 watt motor.

Available in black or appliance white. Both models come equipped with a black door and trays.

This Food Dehydrator Retains Living Enzymes

The Excalibur dehydrator is reputed to be the best dehydrator for preserving the nutrient levels of living foods. The best technique for retaining the enzymes is to set the Excalibur on 105F/40C setting throughout the entire cycle. That way, the food temp will never go above 120F/48C even after it is dry.

Dehydration is the Healthiest, Easiest, Most Economical Way to Preserve Foods!

How Can You Benefit?

Save money on food bills when you buy and dry foods in bulk

You will preserve and savour every fruit and garden vegetable you grow

You'll preserve fish and meats FAST - in just 4 hours

You'll dry more easily, less expensively than canning or freezing

You'll eliminate preservatives and additives in the food you eat

You'll give your kids (and yourself) healthy alternatives to junk foods snacks

You'll dazzle your taste buds with high-flavour foods as flavours intensify with drying

You'll dry home crafts, flowers, dough creations

You'll make it pay for itself in no time

You'll savour luxuries on a shoestring

You'll slash your food storage space - no pantry, no freezer necessary

Excalibur dries BETTER, FASTER & SAFER thanks to the Hyperware Fluctuation.

Ordinary dehydrators produce constant, unchanging heat causing "case hardening", a dry surface with moisture trapped inside - a perfect environment for yeast, mould and bacteria growth.

Excalibur's Adjustable Thermostat lets you take advantage of Hyperware Fluctuation (changing heat through the drying cycle) for faster, better and safer dried foods.

As the temperature fluctuates up, the surface moisture evaporates. Then as the temperature fluctuates down, the inner moisture moves to the drier surface. The food temperature stays LOW enough to keep the enzymes active, and the air temperature gets high enough to dry food fast, overcoming yeast, mould, bacteria growth and spoilage.

With the adjustable Hyperware thermostat and removable trays, you can dry just about anything!

The adjustable thermostat lets you fine tune to the exact temperature you need - in fact, you can program two temperature cycles with ease.

Removable trays lets you customise drying space for small or large items eg. 1.25 litre yogurt which is impossible in a stackable dehydrator.

Lots of drying space so you can handle large volumes up to 10-times faster.

Electronics are back-mounted so spills won't bake on

The adjustable Hyperware thermostat allows precision drying

Units for sale through Sprout have the 48-hour timer for added versatility

Removable, dishwasher-safe trays are easy to load; remove some for drying bulky items

Economical - just 6c to 7c electricity per hour - environmentally conscious product

No harmful fumes like low-quality styrene dehydrators

The polycarbonate is a natural heat insulator, better than single-wall stainless steel

Virtually indestructible - trays won't crack or break - made from medical-grade recycled plastics (as well as the case, door and knobs)

2-Year Australian Domestic Warranty and 1-Year Commercial Warranty.

The Unit is 432mm W x 483mm D x 239mm H and weighs around 11kg.

What They're Saying About the Excalibur 5-Tray Digital Dehydrator on Youtube.

What They're Saying About the Excalibur 5-Tray Digital Dehydrator on Youtube.

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