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Article - Enzymes & Living Foods



By Brenda Cobb


Enzymes are the most important element to aid digestion and to maintain health. None of us could live long without enzymes. They perform in the body and the brain in a fantastic and powerful way.

Our bodies are home to billions of enzymes all working in intricate ways. One molecule of the enzyme found in blood will split five million molecules of hydrogen peroxide into molecules of water and oxygen in sixty seconds! Enzymes found in the intestines can break up a million times their weight of sugar and fat molecules.

The lack of enzymes is a major contributing factor in the development of leukemia and for health problems ranging from the common cold to more serious diseases such as AIDS.

The Rockefeller Institute has done much research on digestive problems like allergies and they found that certain enzymes are able to liquefy pus for drainage and soften sticky mucus which plugs the bronchial tubes creating asthma.

The enzyme elastin is responsible for the elasticity of the arteries, unlocking the mystery of hardening of the arteries and Parkinson's disease. There is evidence linking trouble with concentration to the enzymes dopeminea and ansoratonia which can cause crippling diseases affecting the nerves.

One of the most valuable needs for enzymes is to help process iron, which carries oxygen all over the body to be deposited in the billions of skin tissue and brain cells. Many people have brittle bones due to the lack of enzymes in cooked and denatured foods. Calcium cannot be properly utilized without enzymes. Protein is useless without enzymes to convert it into amino acids. The body cannot heal itself from infections or have healthy blood without enzymes.

Another reason I keep stressing the importance of enzymes is they are very necessary for the brain's functions. The brain is deprived of alertness when food is not nourishing. Poor food takes energy away from the brain even while we're sleeping. Many times people are troubled with sleep due to enzyme deficient denatured foods.

There is no way that we can guard against deficiencies without enzymes. When we realize how important it is to have a healthy body we will then understand the importance of staying away from food that is cooked or denatured in any way, and instead turn to Living Foods for nutrition.

Dr. Herbert Pollack, M.D. made great observations of how proper utilization of other nutrients cannot take place without vitamins being present in the tissues. We now know that without enzymes, vitamins and other elements cannot be utilized by the body.

Vitamins serve as co-enzymes, producing many reactions which promote digestion and other functions in the body. Vitamin A aids the respiratory system, the skin, and the glands. It is found in organic foods like greens and sweet potatoes. The B complex vitamins (B2, B6, and B12) have as many as eleven different functions including correcting eye and nervous disorders and swollen parts of the body. These vitamins, in conjunction with the enzymes, also give energy to the brain.

Vitamin B6, when working with B3 and enzymes, metabolizes protein and breaks the protein down into amino acids. These amino acids are very important substances needed to provide nutrition for the molecules. The best way to get B6 and B12 is from sprouts, grains and seeds. Nuts and corn also contain the B complex vitamins.

Many nutritionists base their criticism of vegetarianism on the so-called "low" dietary levels of the anti pernicious vitamin B12. They overlook the fact that this vitamin is heat sensitive and over 85% of its effectiveness can be lost under normal cooking conditions. Since no one eats raw meat, the nutritionists cannot make claim to animal protein as being a source of this vitamin.

Supplying the body with synthetic vitamins is not the way Nature planned for us to obtain vitamins. Vitamins cannot be separated from the life force of enzymes and perform properly inside the body. Without the spark of life supplied by enzymes, vitamins and other elements including minerals cannot be utilized by the body.

People who eat Living Foods can rest assured of getting the right quantity and quality of vitamins complete with the needed enzymes for proper functioning.

It's no wonder that people have weight problems. Because cooked food destroys 100% of the enzymes, only a very small percentage of the food is assimilated into the body. If you lose one pound or gain one, it is because of enzymes. People who are either overweight or underweight are mostly suffering from a lack of enzymes. Once the body receives Living Foods it produces changes that work miraculously in overcoming weight problems.

When the body is given and abundance of enzymes through Living Foods, the body can stop exhausting its own supply of enzymes for the sole purpose of digestion of food. The body's enzymes can now break down the excess fat, protein and clogged arteries and therefore have remarkable results for overweight people.

It is thrilling to see what enzymes can do and how they can bring about perfect physical and mental health to us. They are the real life-givers and the link to the source of life-giving energy, which we need for survival.

We need to turn back to Nature if we wish to improve conditions on our planet, especially when there are so many hazards that are destroying our enzyme force. It is urgent that we turn to life-giving enzyme rich foods that are packed with life sustaining energy to ensure survival.

Enzymes can be easily derived through Living Foods which are grown on healthy composted Mother Earth. They should be prepared through blending, sprouting, fermenting, and small amounts of juicing, but ABSOLUTELY NO COOKING!! Cooking destroys enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and the nourishment in food. Stop eating dead food and get back to health!  


Living Foods full of enzymes is the way to eat and maintain total and perfect health!!

A big thank you to Brenda Cobb for allowing the use of this article. She is the Director of the Living Foods Institute in Atlanta, USA