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Enviro Products Designer Shower Filter (Chrome)


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Removes Chlorine for up to 12 Months
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The New Wave Enviro Products designer shower filter helps remove chlorine from your shower water for up to twelve months. That's just 5 bucks a month for dreamy showers.

When showering, your body absorbs more chlorine through the skin and lungs than while drinking tap water. This can cause irritation in your lungs and serious harmful side effects over time. Chlorine can also strip protein from your skin and hair, leaving it dry and itchy. The Enviro Products Designer Shower Filter removes that harmful chlorine for up to 12 months and provides you with a naturally softened water which is free of chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, heavy metal reduction and a blissful showering experience.

The unit is designed to fit almost all showers and requires a simple installation between the water pipe and your favorite shower head. It does not replace your shower head but steps in to filter the water before it reaches it. No plumbing is required.

You can also run as a spa experience - click this link to bring up a PDF from EnviroProducts

Great Benefits:

Tick Easy to Install with no plumbing required.

Tick Naturally Softens water and removes chlorine

Tick 1 Year warranty on hardware (not filter)

Tick Improve dry skin, reduce flaky scalp, calm irritated eyes and lungs

Tick Twelve Month filter life (dependant on your water quality) with replacement carts readily available

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the effects of chlorine in the shower?

Chlorine is a toxic gas and has even been used as a chemical warfare agent in the past. It is added to drinking water to kill micro-organisms which, while this aspect can be beneficial to humans, the chemical itself attacks organic material such as skin and skin oils leaving you feeling dry and itchy. Having a long, hot shower causes the chemicals to be inhaled and more easily absorbed by the skin (opens up your pores). According to some experts, chlorine enters the body through the skin during a shower than enters the body through the consumption of 8 glasses of chlorinated tap water.

What are the benefits of using the Premium Shower Filter?

Moister, smoother skin with less itching and less moisturiser required. Healthier hair which is less brittle, fewer split ends and hair that will hold your dye or highlights for longer. The filter eliminates the chlorine odor from your skin and prevents the breathing in/absorption in to your body. It can also stop the irritation and itching some of us experience after a shower using highly chlorinated water.

How long before I notice results?

The elimination of the chlorine odor is immediate and you should start to feel your hair and skin regain their natural balance in 5-7 days after first use.

How does the Premium Shower Filter work?

The filter contains a mixture of zinc and copper called KDF-55 plus crystal quartz and this converts the chlorine in to zinc chloride. Zinc is considered effective in reducing dandruff and is used in anti-dandruff shampoos. The KDF is very effective at filtering out chlorine, odors and dirt particles. The strong anti-bacterial characteristics of the KDF inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungus, algae and mildew.

How long will the Premium Shower Filter last?

The replaceable filter cart, on average, will last about 12 months. The filter will initially remove 98% of chlorine and over time, this will reduce to about 87% after a year. This is the best time to replace the filter cart. To make the change easier, it is advised that the entire unit is soaked in hot water and white vinegar for about 10-15 minutes. Take the unit out while it is still hot and turn anti-clockwise. By registering your warranty with Enviro Products, the company sends a remider when it is time to replace the cartridge.

Warranty Details:

The Designer Shower Filter housing has a one year warranty from date of purchase for defects and cracks. The life of the cartridge can vary depending on the water quality and usage - therefore, this is no warranty on the filter cartridge itself.

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