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EasySprout Sprouter


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Single or Twin Pack

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If you haven't already, you can find Organic Sprouting Seeds right here.

Single Sprouter $39.95 or two for $74.95 - can be purchased alone (or as a pair) or along with seeds from this category only.

This ingenious device allows you to sprout up to 1 kilo of fresh sprouts with the minimal of effort.

With its unique dual flask system, your sprouts do not require daily rinsing as this unique seed sprouter uses the heat generated by the germination of the seeds to circulate fresh and humidified air by means of convection. This prevents suffocation and dehydration. All parts are made from High Density Polyethylene Fortiflex® T50-3600 HDP - which is one of the few non-leaching plastics. 


Simply soak the seeds in the flask for up to 12 hours and then lift them out to drain. Then return to the flask and leave several days until sprouted - It really is a simple as that! This amazing sprouter can fit in the shelf of your fridge door and the sprouters can be stacked 3 high saving even more space, it also comes with a handy separator so 2 layers of sprouts can be grown together.

This also makes the Easy-Sprout sprouter ideal for travelling, for people sprouting in humid conditions and for those who have been unsuccessful with the traditional tray sprouting method and daily rinsing.

Sufficient air-flow is necessary for producing sprouts of high quality due to the key activator in sprouting being oxygen. Although water is necessary to grow sprouted seeds, too much encourages mould and rot.

The sprouter system works because a seed generates heat during its germination and the rising warm air inside the flask draws in cool fresh air when it rises. This creates a perfect environment for germinating seeds, which results in a shorter time until they are ready to eat and also a longer shelf life.

Not only does this mean rinsing is no loner necessary but it also allows the seeds to be laid atop of one another so that a full flask of sprouts can be grown with great success. You will be amazed at how dense layers of seeds can sprout with regular consistency in the Easy-Sprout sprouter, whereas other sprouting methods only allow a single layer of seeds to be grown.

Note: Not suitable for Mucilaginous seed varieties like Basil, Cress, Flax and Mustard.

Dishwasher Safe - yes

Weight - 0.25kg

Dimensions - 114mm Diameter / 178mm Height

Warranty - 12 Months from purchase

Comes with - inner container, outer container, small seed insert, dome lid/measuring cup, vented lid and a solid lid.



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