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Carbel GG Vertical Cold Press Juicer Premium Inox (Platinum)


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French Design | Quality Build
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CARBEL has arrivedLaunched in France in 2014, the CARBEL range of vertical cold press juicers took on the big names in juicing - and is winning.

Following its launch, CARBEL became the fastest growing Cold Press Juicer brand in France and has since sold thousands of machines to happy customers right across Europe. The reviews speak for themselves.

The smart and robust design makes the juicing process very easy - juicing with your CARBEL won't ever be a chore. The design is cool enough to leave out on your bench ready for regular use. 

With the French being renowned for high quality and wonderful design, you can rest assured that the CARBEL will not only stand up to the rigours of juicing but it will look pretty classy at the same time.

Why CARBEL Australia?

I am very particular with the brands and types of cold press juicers I list on my website. It took a personal visit to Thomas & Ha from CARBEL Australia to experience the machines first hand as well as the passion they have to present these very successful French designed juicers to the Aussie market to be convinced of the quality and enthusiasm behind the brand. These are the real deal and I am proud to announce Sprout's collaboration with CARBEL Australia.

Finally, a high quality, genuine, whole-food, vertical cold press juicer available in Australia without the huge price tag. Check out the videos at the bottom of this page to see this petite beauté (that's little beauty for us non-French speakers) in action - see how the flip gate works and the strong auger action crunching the whole fruits/veg down before juicing starts. You'll get the picture pretty quickly.


Green Arrow Green Arrow Green Arrow Special Launch Offer: be one of the first to order your new CARBEL Cold Press Juicer to receive a couple of free gifts from Sprout. You will receive a FREE copy of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Juice Fasting" book valued at $30 and a DVD copy of "Hungry for Change" from Food Matters valued at $25. This is a very limited offer.

The CARBEL GG Premium Inox Cold Press Juicer is the top of the range model of those currently available in Australia. It is equipped with a wide feeding chute, a slow rotating auger of approximately 33RPM, high quality and strong parts and a great warranty showing confidence in the machine.

The wide feeding chute allows you to put through whole fruits and vegetables - and not small ones either. Some of the "whole-fruit" machines that have appeared on the market claim to be whole fruit but when it comes to the crunch (excuse the pun), those fruits or vegetables needed to be pretty small to fit. Even if they did fit, the food was met with a fairly weak motor that strained under the pressure of having to cope with uncut produce.

"Little preparation lessens the feeling

of juicing being a chore."

The CARBEL has a strong 250W motor and an auger that revolves at a confident 33RPM. The auger is designed to crunch and break down the produce you feed in to it. Once it drops down in to the drum, the auger then acts as a press and you can see the juice build up through the clear walls of the drum. Little preparation lessens the feeling of juicing being a chore. It is quicker and more convenient - not to mention safe. It is impossible for fingers of any size to get caught up in the motions of the machine so you can train your kids to make their own juices and clean up afterwards.

Speaking of cleaning up, I haven't really come across a cold press juicer that is hard to clean - the CARBEL is no exception. Any vertical machine can be flushed out after use with a couple of glasses of water. The machine comes with a number of handy tools to help with the clean up and they are designed specifically for use with your new CARBEL.

Exceptionally quiet in operation (as in, won't wake everyone up early in the morning quiet), the CARBEL range helps you attain maximum nutrients via the slow turning, cold press operation. The biggest noise it probably makes is the relentless crunching of your fresh produce while it prepares it for the big drop in to the juicing mechanism. Check out the videos below to see the machine in action - not only for juicing but also for nut milks.

Made in China.

I have usually advised to stay clear of machines manufactured in China and this has always been due to the influx of 'copy-cat' machines that continually flood the market and pretend to be capable machines. In general, they have looked great but lack the quality materials, high tech motors with appropriate power and strength where it matters. These factories simply reverse engineer the top brands without any consideration for what the machine actually has to go through to produce juice. Parts will break easily, lugs will snap off, screws will rust and their motors just don't have the required torque to do a decent job. They are just cheap imitations.

" This confidence is matched by the warranty on offer - 30 years

on the motor and 2 years on parts."

What I respect about CARBEL is not only the transparency of their machines being manufactured in China but also the fact that the past 5 years of European sales has shown that their selection of manufacturers has proven a wise one. The founders of CARBEL France spent a great deal of time and money searching for the right Chinese manufacturer to make their design a reality. Strict quality control plays a huge role in the success of the brand.

The European market is a particularly fussy one and the defect ratio of CARBEL machines sold right across the continent is extremely low. Even the top brands have a defect ratio so it is to be expected, however CARBEL has not been any higher than the established brands. This confidence is matched with the warranty on offer - 30 years on the Motor and 2 years on the parts. All warranty claims are handled by the Australian arm of CARBEL located in Melbourne. The machines are backed by confidence and local, Australian based support either direct from CARBEL or Sprout. We won't leave you in the lurch should something go wrong.

Specifications & Features:

Weight: 6.5kg

Finish: Platinum

Auger Speed: 33RPM

Feeding Chute Width: 82mm with a flip gate system

Voltage: 220-240V, 50Hz (Australian Plug)

Rated Use: 30 minutes continual

Certifications: CE, RCM, GS, ETL (CARBEL has all the relevant authority certificates to be sold and used in Australia)

Motor: 250W

Dimensions: Operating Height - 190mm W x 280mm D x 555mm High (7.5" W x 11.0" D x 21.9" H)

Power Cable Length: 1.0m (39.4")

Juice Collection Container: 500mL capacity. The juice outlet has a tap which allows you to stop or control the poor from the drum.

BPA-Free Materials: all components and parts are made from a strong. BPA-Free polymer.

Warranty: 30 years on motor and 2 years on parts - Australian-based support.

 Arrow Why Buy Your CARBEL From Sprout?

Personal Service, Experience & Knowledge - I've been selling cold press juicers since 2005 which is right about when they started to emerge in Australia. I have seen brands come and go and I have worked out which brands are worth your time. Those brands are on my website. I am happy to talk to you about your needs and to help you select the right juicer for you. I type how I talk so the item descriptions that you see on my website are all expressed in an informative, down to earth fashion and not copied from the manufacturer or other sellers. I want you to be happy with your choice so feel free to get in touch.

Free Delivery on this juicer - Australia Wide & Direct to your home, office, PO Box, Parcel Locker or local post office.

Price Match Service (Australian Sellers Only) - click the price match image above. Keep in mind that newcomers to online selling think that the best way they can sell to you is knock a few bucks off prices listed by established businesses. Please consider experience, parts, advice and post-sales service in your decision. Sprout has been selling cold press juicers since 2005 - you don't last that long if you're doing it wrong.

Product Advice Available via Email or Phone - helping you make the right decision.

Australian Service Centre located in Melbourne. While warranty issues are extremely rare for the CARBEL range, claims are processed quickly and simply.

Parts & Accessories Available - a reputable business should have parts available for your machine. You can find spare parts here at Sprout. 

Arrow Customer Reviews & Quotes

"This juicer was the best birthday gift I could dream of! It has literally changed how and what we eat at home. Especially for the younger ones, you know how hard it is to make them eat some vegetables. It's very easy to use, quiet and quick. It takes no more than 1 minute per juice." - Aisha (Carbel Aust., Website)

"I did a lot of research before purchasing another juicer because the last one i had was really not that great. This doesn't make much noise at all and it juices everything really well. The pulp comes out really dry, i can even bake crackers/cakes with the pulp so that's another bonus. I am very happy overall and I would recommend this juicer to anyone." - Chloe (Carbel Aust., Website)

"I used to have one of the juicers with the tiny chute and I had to spend a lot of time chopping. With this juicer, I can insert a whole apple and a whole carrot. Unlike other juicers, it looks like the press screw is much heavier and stronger than the competitors. You definitely get more juice out of it and you don’t need to soak carrots and beets. I managed to get my juicer stuck with celery, but I was told that, because celery is a very stringent vegie, it is better to cut it in 2cm sticks. Extremely happy with my purchase, I recommend!" - Rodrigo (Carbel Aust., Website)

Videos of the CARBEL:

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