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Grinding Housing/Nut Butter Attachment Angel Juicer 304 or 316


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Optional Accessory Grinding Housing | Genuine Angel Part
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Optional Part - this is the Grinding Housing Screen which has no holes. It is suitable for the Angel Juicers (5500, 7500 & 8500). This screen is an optional extra/accessory. It is also called the Nut Butter Attachment, Coffee Grinding Housing amongst others. It is all the same part.

This screen is suitable for grinding beans and grains (please see User Guide before using). It is also great for making puree, grinding wet nuts into nut butters, mincing soft meats, soya milk and grinding coffee.

This part comes with a silicon ring which is required for all Angels made from February 2011. This rings sits between the motor housing and the screen.

Available in 304 Grade Stainless Steel - $359.00 or 316 Stainless Steel - $689.00 (with the exception of the stainless steel grade, these parts are identical and either will fit both models)

Further Information: 

The new grinding housing is especially designed to make homogenised food and juice mixed together, nuts butter, ice fruits sorbet and similar recipes where you want to crush the food and collect everything in one cup. This is the latest design that incorporates minor but important improvements that reinforced the structural strength at the pulp exit section. This filter would fit the latest Angel juicer models.

This housing is made of Stainless steel grade 304 which is similar to the stainless steel used in the Angel juicer model Angelia series 5500 and 7500. The 304 Grade is suitable for the Angel 8500 or you can select the 316 Grade for $689.00

Please note, to avoid damage to your Angel housing, feed the machine small amount of food at a time and use the machine only for home use. The final stage of juicing, the machine is squeezing the remaining juice out of the exiting fiber. Therefore, the exiting fiber is dry. When you feed the machine at a fast rate, higher pressure will result and can cause damage to your housing. Please feed the machine slowly so you get the maximum benefit of the juice. It is the quality of the juice that you are after, not the amount of volume in the shortest juicing time. Based on ongoing testing and customer feedback, the factory has recently made minor but important structural improvement to this housing.

Angel juicers are not suitable for juicing sugarcane and this should be avoided to prevent damage to the machine. 

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