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The Angel AG5500 Cold Press Juicer


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Buyer's Tip:  Angel Juicers (both 5500 & 8500) are exceptionally popular and containers are selling out shortly after they arrive. Global demand is high for the Angels and our supply to Australia is patchy. Should you be keen and decisive about getting yourself an Angel then jump in quickly and secure yours today. For the month of April only, use discount code SENDMEANANGEL50 at Checkout for $50.00 off this price. Code is valid once only per purchase during April. Limited Stock.

Tick Sprout is one of Australia's Leading Sellers of Cold Press Juicers.

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Tick Buy with confidence. Sprout has been selling cold press juicers since 2005 with thousands of happy customers!

BUY AN ANGEL WITH CONFIDENCE: the importing rights for the Angels here in Australia recently changed hands and you may have come across some websites making statements about poor quality, high fail rates and the machines being discontinued. These statements are blatantly untrue and are made by one particular retailer who no longer sells the machines. It is simply a case of sour grapes. What was once their flagship machine with a 5-Star rating and rave reviews is now relegated to being "discontinued" by them. They were never the importers of the Angels despite claiming that they were. I have been selling the Angels since 2007 and have had zero fails and zero warranty claims in that time. They are a superb machine and well worth the investment. I use one here at home and have hundreds of satisfied customers over the years. It is a shame that some people behave in this manner but if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me on 1300793070

Some sellers may also make claims about their machines being the latest, most up-to-date, newest, 2016 model, Deluxe, Pro, Premium or whatever the case may be. That's pretty much just marketing talk. The 5500, 7500 and 8500 are the latest and only models of the Angel ever available. Anyone who uses those terms doesn't really understand the brand or the machine and personally, I would give them a wide berth.

The Angel Juicer is like the Rolls Royce of cold-press juicers on the market. With superb craftsmanship - each one is hands-on produced - and with outstanding quality control, the South Korean manufacturer has decades of experience in producing quality juicing machines. And it shows!

Introduced to Sprout's range in late 2007, The Angel AG-5500 quickly exceeded all of my sales expectations and is the real key note juicer in Australia. It is a joy to use. 

Snapshot of the differences between the 5500, 7500 and 8500...

The model numbers of Angel Juicers available from Sprout in Australia are "Angel AG-5500", "Angel AG-7500" and the "Angel AG-8500".

All Angels are identical in size, capacity, motor and across-the-board specifications. The only points of difference between the models are the grade of stainless steel used in the twin gears and juicing screen (304 in the 5500 and 7500; 316 in the 8500) and the inclusion of a small compontent that triggers the auto reverse-forward-reverse action should the machine sense clogging during operation.

The Angel AG-5500 - if it senses congestion or overload in the feed while you are happily juicing away, the motor stops automatically and the machine makes an audible tone to alert you. Any potential motor burn-out is avoided by this automatic stopping. The "Reverse" button on the machine then allows you to manually reverse-forward-reverse until the congestion is gone. With its powerful motor and strong twin-gears, congestion is very rare anyway and you will get used to feeding the Angel at a suitable pace after a few uses. The AG-5500's twin gears and juicing screens are manufactured in "Food Grade" 304 stainless-steel.

The Angel AG-7500 - sits in between the two models with its use of 304 Grade Stainless Steel for the twin gears and juicing screen and the inclusion of the auto reverse-forward-reverse action.

The Angel AG-8500 is identical in its design, specifications and physical dimensions to the AG-5500 & 7500. When congestion is sensed in the AG-8500 though, the motor will stop automatically (again, to avoid motor burn-out), you will then hear an audible tone and the machine will automatically goes into a reverse-forward-reverse action in an effort to remove the congestion. Once the congestion is removed, it will continue in its forward/juicing mode allowing you to continue feeding the produce in. In addition, the essential juicing parts (ie. the twin gears and the juicing screens that contact directly with your food) are made from "Surgical/Marine Grade" 316 stainless-steel. This grade of steel is especially used in marine engineering because of its higher resistance to corrosion. 

So, briefly - the AG5500 doesn't automatically decongest if this is sensed and the juicing parts are made from 304 food grade stainless steel; the 7500 has the auto-decongest action and uses 304 food grade stainless steel; and the AG8500 has the automatic decongest feature and the juicing parts are made from 316 marine stainless steel.There are no other differences in the machines other than these aspects. 

Important Info

Do not believe any website that says the 5500 has the potential to burn-out/damage the motor because it doesn't have the auto-reverse feature. It is simply untrue. You may also come across the website for "Juicers Australia" saying that they decided to discontinue importing the Angel due to poor quality control and back end service issues with the manufacturer. This is blatantly untrue as they were never the importers of these machines. Ever. Buy an Angel with confidence.


Why so great...?

Where do I start? From a personal point of view, I purchased myself an Angel in early-May 2013 and I love it. I juice a range of celery, kale, beetroot, tuscan cabbage, apples, carrots, lemon, ginger and oranges and usually fill up a 2.8-litre jug in one sitting. This 2.8-litres will stay fresh for atleast 24 hours so I have it in the fridge ready to go when I want it. The Angel is a pleasure to use and I actually look forward to getting it going. It ploughs through carrots without a problem (cut them in to spears) and the leaves of kale/cabbage feed themselves through once they are grabbed by the gears. The only word to describe the pulp is, dry! Simple and easy to clean, my new Angel gets a good work out every day or two and takes pride of place in my kitchen. I can't talk the Angel up enough. Although I bawlked at the price originally, I didn't experience any buyer's remorse after my purchase and rate it up there as one of my better investments over the years.

The twin gear system puts out the equivalent 3-horsepower exertion force and delivers a truly perfect juicing mechanism.

The Angel's manufacturer claims that it is the only juicer in the world to extract seed juice & up to 30% more juice than other machines. When you think about it, this really equates to a 30% savings on your fruit and veggie bill to achieve the same amount of juice. While it may appear to be an expensive initial outlay, the machine will pay for itself in no time with the savings you make on your spend with the greengrocer! If you are juicing for a family, then this is a massive saving. In addition to that tangible budgetary matter, you can't really put a price on the extra zing, energy and health benefits everyone in your household will achieve from your daily fresh juices!

Click on the VIDEOS tab to view a couple of videos with one comparing the Angel with the overseas version of the Oscar 930 Pro (Hurom). From the first video, you can clearly see the difference in the juice yield and the dryness of the pulp.

While it's a reasonably rare thing to be able to say these days, I'm confident that the Angel will be something you can pass on to the next generation in years to come because it will still be working. Remember the big, old Kelvinator fridges from the 1950's that are still humming away in people's homes and sheds today? The Angel will be the juicer version of those fridges.

With its unique slow revolutions (at 82-86 RPM), the Angel reduces oxidation and maintains the enzymes, vitamins and mineral contents in your fresh juice. The power that it exerts actually penetrates the cell walls of the ingredients even further than other juicers do, therefore extracting even more enzymes and resulting in a darker, richer coloured juice and a sweeter, more full-bodied flavour. It's unlocking the best within the best.

Up to 90% of unnatural pesticides and chemicals is removed from your fruit & vegies' surface by the Angel as it combines this into the waste pulp.

In addition to juicing all fruits and vegetables, the Angel also grinds grains, beans and dry coffee beans, herbs and sprouts. Not stopping there, it is also capable of making Nut Butters, Soy Milk and Tofu (requires optional accessories - see below)

Grinding Housing - suitable for grinding beans/grains, nut butters, mincing meats etc.

Soft Fibre/Fruit Extractor Housing - suitable for 'sloppy' fruits such as pineapple, watermelon, strawberries etc.

The comprehensive User Manual provides excellent instructions on how to get the most out of your new Angel and contains a range of tips and hints.

The Angel is incredibly easy to assemble, clean, dismantle and store. The stainless steel construction makes it dishwasher safe (although the dishwasher really won't be needed) and of course, it won't stain! Stainless steel is very hygienic and nothing but stainless steel comes in contact with your food ingredients during the juicing process.

Quality Features

The Angel juices practically everything - wheatgrass, fruits, veggies and leafy greens, herbs & sprouts - 30% more juice extracted (imagine the saving on your shopping bill! The Angel will pay for itself in no time!)

Unique slow revolution twin gear system at 82-86 RPM

Anti-Bacterial stainless-steel cold press juice extractor retaining maximum nutrients and enzymes

Three step juicing screen system filters & maximises your juice yield

Minimal need to swap screens during juicing to cater for different types of hard and soft fruit and vegies or leafy greens - the three-stage screen handles most types of ingredients but if you are looking at juicing more "sloppy" fruits (eg. pineapple, watermelon etc), then you may like to look at the Soft Fibre Screen. Also, with nuts and grains, coffee beans, mincing or more solid foods, then the Grinding Housing is the way to go.

A powerful motor provides maximum squeezing force and produces the highest quality of juice

With only four unique juicing parts, the Angel is incredibly easy to dismantle, clean and re-assemble

Very quiet operating noise with fan-cooled motor 

A smart looking machine that will look great in any kitchen!

Complete range of spare parts is available from the Australian distributor in the unlikely event that damage is caused to your machine. Please contact Sprout for any parts or warranty issues you may have.

What  some of my customers have said about their new Angel Juicer...

Marie, VIC (Angel 5500 Juicer)

Hi Nathan

I'm very busy always with two kids and a highly stressful job.

But yes I ve been meaning to tell you the "angel juicer is absolutely fabulous and never in my whole life have I had such full of taste, wholesome not watery juice. My son who is 8 is a mothers nightmare when it comes to eating and is getting up to freshly pressed apple/ carrot and we are even managing green shrek juice with sneaked in spinach. I'm enjoying the greens like Kale, parsley, celery, carrots. Cleaning is easy and only takes minutes. You have to be organised and I just cut all my fruits, vegies on a board and feed them through easily. I love so much the juice that I have no issue with the cleaning, the blue brush provided is absolutely fabulous. The cost of the machine is easy to justify once you experience the amount of juice you get as the pulp comes out very dry and of course the incredible taste. I had another juicer previously but after this one it is impossible for me to go back. So thank you for your excellent customer service, pre purchase advice and your very thoughtful and informative website. I was reassured that I could speak to a human being here at home and know that I would get the excellent service you offered me. So happy!


Eddie P, VIC, (Angel AG5500 Juicer)

Good Morning Nathan,

Its been two weeks since receiving my Angel juicer and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed!

With its all steel construction and impressive gears, it makes for a most pleasurable juicing experience.

The Angel juicer has delivery promised value, saving time and money. We are using less produce and producing higher quality juice with the added benefit of having more time to enjoy it :)

Barry B, TAS  (Two Angel Juicers)

Hi Nathan, 

Well the Juicers arrived today thank you very much. 
Chris was buying his as a surprise for his wife's birthday and he brought her around supposedly to have a look at mine. I had only just unpacked it so I hadn't even tried it out. She thought my juicer was wonderful and said that they'd have to get one. As they were leaving Chris surprised her with her very own juicer which I had stored outside my back door.

She almost did a couple of handstands! 

Thanks Nathan, we'll let you know how we like them once we've tried them out. 


4 hours & 53 minutes later...

Wow, I'm impressed! 

I put just three pears through the juicer as a trial run earlier tonight and extracted one & three quarter cups of juice, and it took no time at all to run them through. The quality of juice was excellent........but of course you knew it would be! 


Martins, VIC (Angel Juicer)

WOW! what a machine Nathan, confirming received. We feel we have to perform a ritual before use, it is beautiful.

Absolute credit to the purpose of the designer, and manufacturing demonstrated from Korea.

Regards, Martins

Claire M, NSW, Australia. (Angel Juicer) 

Hi Nathan,

Am loving our new Angel juicer....supplying friends and family with wheatgrass shots at every opportunity!

Thanks so much.


What they're saying on Youtube...

Both are quite long videos but worth it to see what they juice and how the machine goes with the different varieties. You can certainly speed the process up as they do move rather slowly while feeding the food for demonstration purposes.


Vital Stats & Warranty


Like all other high quality cold-press juicers, the Angels are manufactured in South Korea and by a company established in 1982.


Included in the price - 10 Year motor warranty and 1 Year on parts (including twin gears and juicing screen)


All warranty issues are looked after by the Australian importer/warranty provider located in Queensland. Replacement parts are shipped to you and there is no need to send the machine back to Korea should you encounter any problems. The length of the warranty period is entirely up to the importer/distributor and Sprout has no influence over this whatsoever.

Weight: 12.0kg (in box)

Dimensions: Assembled Machine 495mm Length x 197mm Wide x 267mm Height (L 19.5" x W 7.8" x H 10.5"); Feeding Chute/Opening - 43mm diameter; Twin Gears - 213mm Long x 60mm Diameter

Voltage / Frequency: 230V / 50Hz / 150W power

Auger RPM: 82RPM

Operating Time: 30-40 minutes operation / 10 minute break

Please Note: both models come with all the necessary parts to get juicing - including the screen scraper, wooden pusher (without the silicon ring) and cleaning brush that you see listed up above on the right hand side of this page. These parts are also available separately if you would like to grab some spares to be packed in with your new Angel - just in case they get lost, broken or stolen by the dog! The Angel also comes with juice & pulp containers (polycarbonate), power cord, housing cover, standard screen, twin gears, 2 x silicon rings (1 is spare - more available if required) and a 35-page User Manual. 

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Loving my Angel Juicer Review by Leanne
Ease of Use
Quality of Item
I received my order promptly thankyou :) Angel Juicer is easy to use, easy to clean and squeezes every bit of juice from veges/fruit leaving dry pulp. I love how it's made from stainless steel, solid, sturdy and an awesome machine. I couldn't be happier :D (Posted on 24/03/2015)

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