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ALPS Water Filtration System

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ALPS Water Filtration System is a gravity fed water filtration system designed to remove all contaminants in tap water. Sitting at a handy 12 litre capacity, it is conveniently sized, looks great and provides high quality drinking water at your fingertips.

ALPS filtered water is great tasting, clean, reduces bloating due to the removal of contaminants, increases your energy levels, assists in better skin complexion, better sleep, mental clarity and improved circulation.

The ALPS water systems are great for people in cities, towns or out in the country on rain water. Large populations generally require water sources to go through treatments and long, old pipes to your tap. Rain water also has its own imperfections and the ALPS water system helps get rid of all those contaminants.

Assembly of the ALPS water filtration system is simple and requires a straight forward maintenance routine. All replacements parts are inexpensive and readily available. Usually, domes and cartridges need replacement every 6-9 months with mineral stones every 12-18 months. This will depend on on the quality of your tap water and the quantity used.

You can't go wrong with the ALPS water filtration system. If you have any queries, please call Sprout on 1300793070